Cologne Cathedral Germany

There are few tourist attractions that have undeniable appeal, and the Cologne Cathedral Germany is one of these. Built and rebuilt over the course of eight centuries, the two towers of this Cathedral are an important part of the horizon of Cologne, and are also a center of bustling activity in the city.

The Cologne Cathedral arches are so intricate and beautiful that the building was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like so many other national treasures, the Cathedral experienced severe damage during the air raids of World War II, but it was rebuilt soon after the war concluded. By the late 1950s, the Cathedral had returned to its former glory.

A visit to the Cologne Cathedral Germany also serves as an introduction to the city today. Its prominent location attracts many street performers, and the streets surrounding the Cathedral are filled with shops and cafés. Cologne is also known for its baked goods, so before heading into the depths of the Cathedral to look around, you can pick up a snack at one of the local bakeries.

There are many stunning features here, from the Cologne Cathedral arches to the memorable two towers stretching above the surrounding buildings. Even travelers who often skip the main tourist attractions are drawn to the beauty of this Cathedral. No trip to Cologne would be complete without feasting your eyes on this architectural wonder.

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