Hotel in Cologne Germany

Cologne, located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, is Germany's fourth largest city and one of the oldest in the country. Resting on the river Rhine, Cologne enjoys both a beautiful landscape and cityscape. Each Cologne Germany hotel capitalizes on the city's many attractions. Almost all hotels in Cologne Germany will lower their rates during September-October before raising them again in November when Carnival season begins.

The city's greatest attraction is the Cologne Cathedral--known as Kölner Dom. Construction on this massive gothic church was initially started in 1248 A.D., but due to complications it took over 600 years to finish. Its two towers spiral up into the air, reaching a height of 157 meters (515 feet) while the church itself is 144 meters long (472 feet). It briefly held the title as the world's tallest building until the construction of the Washington Monument. It is still the world's tallest gothic structure. Pretty much all hotels in Cologne Germany will be within a close distance to Kölner Dom, and you can take public transportation from those that aren't.

The Dom Hotel is a luxury hotel in Cologne Germany and is located right near the Rhine and possesses an excellent view overlooking the cathedral. While the rates are quite pricey, you can generally be assured of excellent service. For those looking for a less expensive hotel in Cologne Germany, there are at least a half-dozen options for less than 80 Euros. Some of these are excellent bargains with good quality and decent location relative to the attractions of Cologne. As an example, the Hotel Callas Am Dom is a bit on the high end of being reasonably priced, but it is located right next to the Kölner Dom, and is only a few minutes walk away from the arts center of the city and the main railway.

Another hotel in Cologne Germany is the Hotel Im Wassertum, a luxury hotel located in what was once the largest water tower in all of Europe. Out of all hotels in Cologne Germany, it is perhaps the most unique in appearance with its tall, cylindrical shape and tall arched windows. The lobby of this Cologne Germany hotel is 11 meters tall (36 feet) and sports connected elevated walkways. The interior of the hotel resembles the exterior with cylinders being popular shapes within the rooms. Two classic restaurants and a bar are contained within the former water tower as well and offer fine service. Be sure to take pictures of this Cologne Germany hotel and your room—your friends will never believe you stayed in a water tower.



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