Germany Ski Resorts

Germany ski resorts provide wonderful places to play when winter rolls around. While not as big or impressive as the best ski areas in Italy, France, Austria, and Switzerland, the best German ski areas still manage to deliver a good mix of slopes and some scintillating scenery. The Bavarian Alps, which can be found in the southern part of Germany, are the premier German skiing mountains, and this is due largely in part to the fact that they are the tallest mountains in the country.

Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular things to do at the German ski areas, but they certainly aren't the only options. The various Bavarian resorts and villages are year-round destinations, with things such as hiking and biking figuring among the preferred warm-weather pursuits. As for the skiing and snowboarding, Garmisch Partenkirchen is widely considered to be the best place to go in the country. Often referred to simply as Garmisch, this ski area is really a grouping of four different ski areas, and serving as the backdrop is Germany's highest peak, the Zugspitze.

Not far from Garmisch Partenkirchen, travelers will find two of the other top Germany ski resorts. These resorts are Oberammergau and Mittenwald. Oberammergau is an especially ideal place to go if you are interested in German ski areas that provide plenty of beginner slopes. Its runs are mostly beginner and intermediate level. As for Mittenwald, it is known for its lovely mountain scenery and its impressive 4,300-foot vertical drop.

Heading over to the southeastern part of Germany and the German Alps, Berchtesgaden provides just one more option when it comes to the German ski areas. While not large or especially high, Berchtesgaden nonetheless provides slopes that can cater to beginners, intermediates, and advanced-level skiers and snowboarders alike. Worth noting is the fact that while Munich is the capital of the Bavarian Alps, those who are interested in enjoying a ski vacation in Berchtesgaden will find that Salzburg Austria is actually the closest major city. As such, arriving there is recommended. For the other Germany ski resorts in Bavaria, Munich is arguably the best entry point into the region.

For those who want to switch things up, trying some Black Forest skiing can be fun on a Germany getaway. The Black Forest, for those who might not know, is an expansive range of mountains in southwest Germany that are covered with conifers. The name of the region goes back to Roman times and relates to the darkening effect that the dense growth of conifers creates. The highest point in the Black Forest is the Feldberg. This mountain tops out at almost 4,900 feet, and as you might imagine, it is where most people head when looking to do some Black Forest skiing. Some 30 slopes and ski lifts can be found around Feldberg Mountain, though none of these slopes or lifts are on the mountain itself. Of all the German ski areas not in the Bavarian Alps, the Feldberg Ski Area is the largest. As is true of skiing in Germany in general, those who wish to do some Black Forest skiing aren't restricted to downhill skiing. There are also the cross-country trails.

Rounding out the most appetizing options when it comes to the German ski areas are the Harz Mountains. These mountains form the northernmost mountain range in Germany and have a peak elevation of 3,744 feet. Braunlage is the king of the Harz Mountains ski areas. It features twelve trails, the longest of which is approximately one and a quarter miles long. The cross-country skiing is especially good in the Harz Mountains, thanks in part to the fantastic trails at Harz National Park, and if you can't make it in the winter, a variety of activities make summer a fine time to visit.

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