World Cup Soccer in Germany

The 2014 World Cup is being held in 12 cities across the South American country of Brazil, so head there for the newest information on World Cup tickets and locations.

The 2006 World Cup Germany will take place from June 9th to July 9th, 2006. If you are interested in purchasing a World Cup Soccer Germany ticket, it behooves you to make haste. Tickets went on sale in February of 2005. The price of a World Cup Soccer Germany ticket ranges from 35 to 600 euros. How much you pay is dependent on the game as well as the seating category.

The opening games of the World Cup Germany event will take place in Munich. After that, there will be elimination rounds in various cities throughout Germany. Before you decide on purchasing your World Cup Soccer Germany ticket, take a look at the host city schedule below.

  • Berlin - 13 June/9 July (Final game!)
  • Dortmund - 10 June/4 July
  • Frankfurt - 10 June/1 July
  • Gelsenkirchen - 9 June/1 July
  • Hamburg - 10 June/30 June
  • Hannover - 12 June/27 June
  • Kaiserslautern - 12 June/26 June
  • Köln (Cologne) - 11 June/26 June
  • Leipzig - 11 June/24 June
  • München (Munich) - 9 June (Game 1)/5 July (Semifinals)
  • Nürnberg - 11 June/25 June
  • Stuttgart - 13 June/8 July (for 3rd place)

The host cities are so thrilled about the World Cup Germany that they are planning some fun and exciting activities for visitors. For example, in Stuttgart on July 2nd, Baden-Wurttemberg will feature the Heimspiel CD, along with a medley of cabaret, artistic performances and music from Die Interpreten. On 6 July, the City of Stuttgart will present a provisional appearance of the renowned New York City Dance School, as well as a performance by the Stuttgart Ballet. The international dance production "Tommy the Clown", whose previous work includes an appearance in Madonna's latest video will also be performed. The SWR Big Band will help visitors get into the swing of things with a performance in front of the Neues Schloss Palace.

Meanwhile, the City of Dortmund is helping visitors who may be undecided about whether they want to come to Germany to cheer on the Germany Soccer Team or take a Caribbean vacation instead. In conjunction with the Trinidad and Tobago Tourist Board, they are planning an exciting Caribbean Night! Over 100 stars from Trinidad and Tobago will be performing, including the limbo dancers who dance under a pole that is no higher than a Coca-Cola bottle!

Since the history of soccer in Germany started only 100 years ago, the opportunity to see the Germany Soccer Team in action is particularly interesting. Soccer in Germany reached an important milepost in the year 1954, in an event that is often referred to as the Miracle at Bern. The event marked the Germany Soccer Team triumph over the Hungarian Soccer Team. However, this victory was not only an important moment in the history of soccer in Germany. The event would be the first "peaceful reason" since World War II for Germany to experience a feeling of national pride. Since the Miracle at Bern, the Germany Soccer team has defeated the Netherlands in 1974 and Italy in 1990. Will they win again? Plan a trip to the Soccer World Cup in Germany and see for yourself!

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