Heidelberg Germany

Green, tree-covered hills surround the beautiful medieval town of Heidelberg Germany, one of the most attractive historical towns in the country. Heidelberg has one of the oldest universities in the country, and therefore has a lively student and artistic culture. The castle in Heidelberg is one of the main draws to the town. This monumental medieval structure of reddish stone stands majestically on a high point of the city, giving you great views of the city, surrounding hills, and the river Neckar running beside the town. Wandering the old narrow streets of Heidelberg Germany is also charming: Shops and restaurants abound, as do the hotels in Heidelberg, and there are several old cathedrals and churches to visit.

The castle in Heidelberg is the town's most prominent attraction. Partially restored, there are several parts of the Schloss Heidelberg that are fully functional, and other parts that stand in ruin, which makes for a unique and very picturesque experience. Originally built in the Renaissance era, further additions were incorporated in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and you can see the difference in architectural style as you walk through the castle. There are numerous museums filled with antiques, such as an old apothecary shop, which are well worth a visit to gain a glimpse into Heidelberg's past. In the wine cellar, don't miss the famous Heidelberg Tun, an enormous antique wine barrel that holds almost 60,000 gallons of wine! After visiting the wine barrel, do spend some time wandering around in the gardens and admiring the view from Belvedere Terrace - this viewpoint offers the best sight of Heidelberg's Baroque and Gothic buildings against a lovely backdrop of green hills and the glimmering Neckar River.

From the view on top of the Castle in Heidelberg you'll be able to pick out the Holy Spirit Church that dominates the Heidelberg skyline. Dating from the fourteenth century, this Gothic building has been used by both Catholics and Protestants over the centuries, and it was also one of Heidelberg University's early lecture halls. It housed the famous Palatine Library, although it was stolen during the Thirty Years' War. The church is truly majestic, with a three-aisled nave soaring with columns and vaulted ceilings. Climb up to the steeple for a great view of the Old City.

You'll definitely want to spend some time walking around the Altstadt, the Old City, of Heidelberg Germany. Quaint cobbled streets and old Baroque and Gothic houses really make you feel that you are in the heartland of Germany. The Hauptstrasse is the main pedestrian shopping street and takes you right through the Old Town. Take some time to shop for souvenirs, grab a bite or a beer in a cafe or restaurant, and snap photos of the old Town Hall. The Jesuitenkirche, a Jesuit Church, has some very interesting Baroque decorative touches inside and out. You'll see many other historic churches as you walk wander through town. Continue on the Hauptstrasse and you'll eventually get to Heidelberg University, which has many historic buildings in its campus, including an old armory that has been converted into a student cafeteria.

The Old Bridge is your chance for a close-up view of the Neckar River, although the bridge itself will probably be claiming most of your attention. The Carl Theodor Bridge is known to most as simply the Old Bridge in Heidelberg, and has nine graceful arches of reddish sandstone spanning the river. The bridge gates, as well as the sculptures along its length, are distinctive and popular sights. From the Old Bridge, you can continue on a path up to Philosopher's Walk. This trail is lined with beautiful trees and flowers, and although it is quite a steep hike, you are rewarded with an excellent view of Heidelberg Castle and the Neckar River, from the opposite side of the river. Meanwhile, if you want to see the Neckar River more closely, booking a boat tour of the river is an excellent opportunity to visit nearby river villages and see the countryside.

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