Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Castle in GermanyLinderhof Castle is one of the most impressive castles in Germany. King Ludwig II commissioned the construction of three castles during his reign, but it was only in Linderhof Castle that he spent any significant amount of time. Compared to the other of Ludwig's castles Linderhof stands in start contrast. Where Neuschwanstein is elegant and tall, perched upon the slopes of the Alps, Linderhof initially started small.

Initially, it was to be nothing more than a private hunting lodge for the King to enjoy. However, after a time Ludwig declared that Linderhof would be a new Versailles and expanded the grounds. Much like his other castles Linderhof quickly bloomed into elegance and opulence. The French inspiration is quite evident in the broad courtyard and large shallow Linderhof castle fountain.

Linderhof Germany The construction of Linderhof began in 1874 and was completed by 1878. It was the only one of Ludwig's three castles that was ever completely finished. The interior of the castle is quite luxuriant. The royal bedroom has an enormous bed and is surrounded by magnificent drapes, golden candelabras, and a magnificent chandelier. Meanwhile, the dining room possesses a table that could be lowered into the kitchen that was located below. The servants in the kitchen could then stock the table and have it raised back up into the dining room. This was all done so that Ludwig would not have to see his servants.

The grounds outside the castle are quite gorgeous featuring terraced gardens. Be on the lookout for some footpaths that can lead to some spectacular views of the castle. Perhaps the single most impressive features outside is the Linderhof castle fountain and the many statues that dot the grounds. The golden statue of Flora and her attendees, located in the middle of the prominent Linderhof castle fountain in front of the castle, will frequently spout water upward of a hundred feet into the air. The flower gardens to either side of the castles Linderhof feature more statues and smaller fountains. An artificial waterfall in the back sends water cascading down into a fountain of Neptune, the Roman God of the Sea. Neptune rides three horses in this statue, and each of his steeds shoots water out of its nose and mouth into the fountain below.

Those taking tour buses should bring a watch as it's all too easy to lose track of time marveling at the beauty of Linderhof castle.

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