Linderhof Palace

Castle LinderhofTravelers with an interest in history won’t want to miss out on the chance to explore Linderhof Palace. Built by King Ludwig II, who was crowded in 1864, this is one of three palaces that the king left Germany. From bedrooms to ballrooms to staircases, these palaces are now incredible fascinating for historically curious travelers.

From the Linderhof Castle bedroom to the gardens to the Peacock room, a tour of this castle will provide a glimpse into the quirky life of King Ludwig II. If you want a complete picture of his residences, be sure to also plan a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle, a picturesque castle perched on top of a hill.

There are several rooms of the Linderhof Palace that visitors are impressed by. Some love the hall of mirrors, while others are drawn to the Linderhof Castle bedroom. A tour also provides the opportunity to see tapestries and other details that make the castle a symbol of wealth.

The castle bedroom is notable for its sheer opulence. When you first walk in, it is impossible to think that this could be a bedroom for anyone but royalty. Between the chandelier, the gilded accents, and the presence of royal blue, this bedroom is truly fit for a king.

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