Linderhof Castle Foundation

Linderhof CastlesKing Ludwig II built three castles in Germany, one of which is Linderhof Castle. While there are many fascinating things to learn about the Linderhof Castle foundation and architecture, many visitors are also interested in the king’s lifestyle. For example, one of the most interesting rooms in the castle is called the Peacock Room, where the royal is said to have spent time smoking opium.

A tour of the castle is sure to reveal a range of details on Linderhof history. The Peacock Room is always a favorite part of the tour. This intricate room, complete with a throne in front of a peacock with colorful stained glass windows, is like something you won’t see in any other royal residence on the planet.

A visit to the castle will provide travelers with an introduction to Linderhof history. Kind Ludwig II was crowned in 1864 and immediately started building his variety of residences. It is impossible to ignore just how opulently royalty lived in this part of the 19th century.

After learning about the Linderhof Castle foundation, you might be curious to explore his other residences as well. Neuschwanstein Castle is another popular choice for travelers. Perched on a hill, this fairytale castle served as the inspiration for Walt Disney in creating Cinderella’s castle.



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