Neuschwanstein Castle Tour

Neuschwanstein in GermanyIf you’re planning a trip to Bavaria, you must include a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle Germany in your itinerary. This fairytale castle provides the opportunity to glimpse into the life of German royalty. Built by King Ludwig II, this castle is perched on a hill, peeking out over the surrounding tree line. By far and up close, it is incredibly striking.

During a tour you will learn a great deal about Neuschwanstein Castle history. Tour guides will lead you through the bedroom, dining room, and up the grand staircase. Tours are given in different languages, and when you join an English-language tour, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about the castle’s history.

While touring the inside of Neuschwanstein Castle history is fascinating, many visitors are particularly impressed by the views. During your tour be sure to look out the windows on all sides of the castle for the full picture. From the staircases to the bedroom to the terrace in the rear, this is the perfect location for a royal palace.

After learning about Neuschwanstein Castle history your interest might be piqued about King Ludwig II. You can also visit another of his castles, Linderhof Castle, to learn even more about this quirky historical figure. Here, his bedroom and the Peacock room are of particular interest.

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