Neuschwanstein Castle Interior

The Neuschwanstein Castle interior vividly reflects the romantic aspirations of its intended occupant, King Ludwig II. This king, who had a reputation for being both romantic and eccentric, wanted Neuschwanstein to have a fairy-tale appeal. Among the inspirations are Nordic legends and Wagner operas. Add it all up, and the Neuschwanstein Castle interior is a fine example of German historicism. For this reason alone, a Neuschwanstein Castle tour is something that any and all Bavaria visitors should look to add to their list of things to do.

The history of the Neuschwanstein Castle sees the structure never really being completed. When King Ludwig II passed away in 1886, work essentially stopped. Shortly thereafter, it was opened to the paying public. As a result, those who explore the interior will notice that only some rooms are complete or nearly complete at least. This doesn’t take away from the interior allure, however. The amazing Throne Hall impresses with its delightful Byzantine style, for example, and the king’s bedroom exhibits ornate splendor, not to mention a wonderful mural that depicts the legendary story of Tristan and Isolde.

Another room that is highlighted on Neuschwanstein Castle tours is the Singer’s Hall. Also known as the Hall of the Singers, this largest room in the castle was something that King Ludwig II took extra pride in. Much like the Throne Hall, it is a monument to the poetic side of the Middle Ages and is quite spectacular in design. Serving as an inspiration for the Singer’s Hall was the hall at Wartburg, and the frescoes that are found inside depict the life of Parsifal.

Other rooms that you can expect to explore during a tour of the Neuschwanstein Castle interior are the king’s apartments, of which the decorated study is of particular interest. The wall paintings in this room depict scenes from legendary Nordic tales, with the main focus being the saga of Tannhauser.

Neuschwanstein Castle tours are very popular, especially during the peak summer season. As such, it can be a good idea to purchase your Neuschwanstein tickets in advance. Worth noting is the fact that immaculate Singer’s Hall plays host to September concerts that often highlight the music of Wagner. Tickets for these highly-anticipated events go on sale in June, and they usually go fast.



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