Judgment at Nuremberg

Nuremberg ImageNuremberg Germany was the setting for many historic events. Most notably in modern history, it was a major propaganda center for Hitler's Nazi regime, and subsequent to the Allied victory, it was where the famous judgment at Nuremberg took place at the Nuremberg Trials. These were a set of military tribunals where prominent Nazis were tried for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and their complicity in atrocities like the Holocaust. The events of the Nuremberg Trials were also commemorated in the 1961 Hollywood movie, Judgment at Nuremberg, featuring Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Claude Rains and William Shatner. It was one of the first movies to address the Holocaust, and incorporated actual footage of concentration camps, as well as a replica of the original courtroom.

Today if you would like to learn more about the judgment at Nuremberg, a visit to the Nuremberg Trials Museum located in the Palace of Justice is a must. The original courtroom has been restored and a number of other exhibits are in place.

Another glimpse into Nuremberg's history can be had at the Nuremberg Wall, which encircles much of the Old City. The Nuremberg Wall was built during the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and about two and a half miles of the wall still remains, albeit with gaps throughout its length. The city moat can also be seen, although it was never filled with water. If you're visiting the Nuremberg Wall, do try to avoid Frauentormauer Street on the inside of the Wall; this is the city's red light district.

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