Oberstdorf Germany is one of the prettiest destinations in Bavaria, which is quite a feat, considering how well this region in southern Germany is known for its natural beauty. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, Oberstdorf draws travelers for hiking excursions, refreshing mountain air, fragrant meadows, and winter sports too. Whether you’re an active traveler or are simply looking for a beautiful place to put your feet up and relax, Oberstdorf will exceed your expectations.

The Oberstdorf ski area is one of the most popular in this region of southern Germany. While some travelers don’t automatically think of Germany as a big ski destination, this section of Bavaria shares a border with Austria, and the mountains are excellent. The two ski areas, Kleinwalsertal and Nebelhorn, are both good quality, with the latter having the shorter and easier routes. Skiing here can last well into April, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure that is spring skiing. The alpine skiing trails are well regarded, and there are also ski-jumping competitions held at the resort.

Beyond winter sports, Oberstdorf Germany is known for its summer outdoor activities too. If you’re craving an escape from the city, the hiking trails, serene lakes, and vacation rentals of Oberstdorf might be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you join a tour or explore independently, the scenery here is spectacular.

Beyond the Oberstdorf ski area, another nearby popular destination for winter sports is Garmisch Partenkirchen. Between these two destinations, travelers will find challenging ski slopes, shopping, fine dining restaurants, quaint cafés, and casinos too. For outdoor fun and entertainment, this part of Germany is a perfect match.

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