Oktoberfest Decorations

Oktoberfest Decorations
Oktoberfest Decorations

Oktoberfest revolves around the dozen or so tents erected every year on the Weisn. Though large in size, they are rarely ornate – the operators prefer to let the beer do the talking. That’s why Oktoberfest party supplies usually revolve around the contents of the stein in your hand. There’s no better Oktoberfest decoration than a cold liter of beer, but you can improvise and can go all out, as some do: wear the traditional garb of Alpine peasants - girls with their lacy blouses and tight bodices, while the men wear feathered alpine hats and lederhosen (made up of suspenders and leather knee-length shorts).

Germany Oktoberfest
Germany Oktoberfest

Every year, millions of glass steins are created specifically for Oktoberfest. Bearing pictures of Munich, the Bavarian coat of arms, or different brands of local beer, you’ll find these strewn everywhere across Theresinwiesse during the festival. They might not be Oktoberfest decorations, per se, but you’ll see more of these than you ever thought possible if you travel to Munich in late September.

Draped from the ceiling in every tent, you’ll see streaming chains of small flags which (like the oversized beer steins) bear the insignia of something related to Germany or the festival. There’s not too much attention spent on Oktoberfest party supplies – your time here is better spent getting to know the regional beers and drinking songs, not to mention that nice looking group of people at the table behind you.

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