Oktoberfest Tours in Munich

The beauty of Oktoberfest is that, once you get to Munich, everyone is your friend. Everyone wants to share a beer, everyone wants to sit together and sing. That’s why Oktoberfest tours in Munich are so popular – it’s no secret that it is easier to meet and interact when you are with a group, and it can be a great way to really experience the magic that is Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Tours in Munich
Oktoberfest Tours in Munich

Oktoberfest group tours are run through a number of sources, both stateside and by the board of tourism in Munich. Most travel agencies don’t offer specific Oktoberfest tours in Munich, but they can easily be made a part of any larger European tour. Some combine Oktoberfest group tours in with a set vacation package – this option is more prevalent, but still fills up awful fast.

The most popular type last about a week in Munich and southern Bavaria, giving you the chance to see how other areas celebrate Germany’s most famous festival. The Weisn beer tastes no different here, and is tailor made for those who wish to avoid the greater crowds of Munich.

The actual tours are usually guided and will take you through the many different tents splayed out across Munich, each one offering a slightly different cross-section of German culture and Oktoberfest history. And each one, of course, includes sufficient time to take in the famous Weisn beer that makes Oktoberfest a beauty to behold.

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