The Romantic Road

With over 210 miles of beautiful sights to see, the Romantic Road in Germany is one of the country's best tourist routes. The Romantic Road itself was built in 1951 by the mayor of Augsburg. He consulted the mayors of the other nearby towns and formed a coalition to inspire increased tourism in war-ravaged Germany. The road runs from Würzburg in the north all the way down to Fussen and the Alps in the south. In-between are countless historic sights and over a dozen cozy German towns making this the perfect romantic road trip.

While the road you'll travel on is modern, the trade route it's based on is quite ancient. The road follows the course of the Roman highway--Via Augustus--and was also a medieval trade route that connected several of the tows that lie along the Romantic Road.

The Würzburg Residence is one of the first stops along the way in the North. Originally commissioned as a palace for the Archbishop of Schönborn, this immense residence took nearly a quarter century to complete the exterior and another forty years to complete the interior. An incredible amount of money was paid to create this opulent manor--which boasts two masterpieces of art. Also of note in your stop in this romantic road trip is the Marienberg Fortress, which towers over the town and provides superb views of the surrounding area.

Throughout the north, you'll also see the statues of the artist from the Middle Ages: Tilman Riemenschneider, a master sculptor. A romantic road trip can only be enhanced by Riemenschneider's works.

You'll find countless areas that feature the country's historic and natural beauty throughout the Romantic Road in Germany; from the Würzburg Residence in the north all the way down to Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen. Castles and palaces dot the landscape in and around the medieval towns and walled villages along the Romantic Road. There are plenty of churches as well and lovers of architecture, including Baroque, Rococo, and Gothic, will enjoy the many styles in the different edifices.

Hotels on the Romantic Road in Germany are readily available. The prices vary, but as a rule they drop during the slower winter season. Single rooms are generally more expensive than the per person rate on a double room. While some hotels on the Romantic Road in Germany include breakfast as part of their rate, others charge separately. Watch out for the fees on telephone calls, parking, and laundry as they tend to be unusually high. Those on a budget will want to be on the look out for hostels and bed & breakfasts instead of hotels on the Romantic Road in Germany.

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