Schloss Schwerin

Schloss Schwerin is a beautiful castle that travelers arguably shouldn’t miss when passing through northern Germany. More specifically found in the city of Schwerin, east of Hamburg, this impressive structure formerly served as the home of the dukes of Mecklenburg, who eventually became the dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin. Today, it serves as a state parliament seat, and parts are open to the general public; it is among the German castles that are commonly on lists of things to do in the northern parts of the country.

The Schwerin Castle that visitors encounter today is still a work in progress. Renovation projects tend to go past their intended finishing dates, as the castle is quite massive. As for the castle’s history, there are reports of a castle standing on the site as far back as 973. This early castle was more of a fort, and the site eventually developed into a fortress settlement of sorts. This changed in the late Gothic era when the dukes decided that they needed a more impressive castle. The fort was converted into a true castle in the 1500's, and things such as comfort and ornamentation were at the heart of the renovation projects.

The Schwerin Castle underwent more renovations in the 1600's, with the Dutch Renaissance style being largely employed. Eventually, however, the castle would be more or less be abandoned, and it fell into a relatively bad state. This didn’t mark the end of the story though. Schloss Schwerin would re-establish itself as a ducal residence in the 1830's, and once again, it was largely rebuilt. As is true of the Hohenzollern Castle in southern Germany, the current Schwerin Castle has a design that was partly inspired by French castles from the Loire Valley, and the visual appeal is nothing short of spectacular. Complementing the castle are lovely lawns and gardens, and it all makes for a truly wonderful setting.

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