Resorts in Germany

Resorts in Germany are worth checking into for any vacation to this country. With its reputation for culture and history, you might not necessarily think of Germany when it comes to spas and resorts. However, the country hosts some incredible spa hotels in Germany as well as multiple Germany ski resort that should not be missed. There are over three hundred wellness centers located throughout the country and many seaside resorts.

The first on the list are the mineral and mud spa resorts in Germany. Those looking to treat their bodies will enjoy a relaxing warm bath, followed by a moisturizing mud pack. Through this mud, nutrients will be introduced to your skin and body and will begin revitalizing you. Once upon a time, Germany's water was considered to be the fountain of youth. Today there are more than a hundred and fifty spas that offer this treatment in Germany.

Mud not your style? Try taking in the sea air and relaxing in the sun at one of Germany's beachside resorts. It takes but a few days of exposure to the humid and salty air before you'll notice that you're breathing more easily. This climate does wonders for your skin and hair as well. Bordering on both the North and Baltic Seas, the country offers two different kinds of spa resorts in Germany. Those on the North Sea will find more variable temperatures, which are sometimes brisk, while those on the Baltic will find a more moderate climate.

But there can be no discussion of spa resorts in Germany without mentioning Baden-Baden. Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the town of Baden-Baden is the preeminent locale for spas and resorts in Germany. Its hyphenated name is an abbreviation—Baden in Baden, or Baden in the state of Baden. The springs located in this remarkable German town were known even during the Roman days, and their ancient baths were uncovered in near perfect condition in 1847. Today, Baden-Baden hosts many health and wellness spas featuring all manner of options and choices for those looking to rejuvenate themselves. From anti-aging and stress therapy to beauty treatments, you'll find just what your body needs here.

When it comes to the slopes, many will seek the mountains of Austria or Switzerland, but there is good skiing to be had in Germany itself. More importantly, many of those Austrian ski resorts will require lengthy car trips around the mountains while a Germany ski resort is easily reached. As one might expect, all of the German ski resort are located along the Alps. Each offers a unique experience with Garmisch-Partenkirchen being the number one resort to visit.



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