Spreewald is a wonderful attraction for nature-lovers. Despite the country’s reputation for its architecture and historic structures, not all attractions in Germany are based in history. Spreewald, which is Germany for “Spree Forest,” is located about 60 miles outside of Berlin. Ever since gaining biosphere reserve status by UNESCO in 1991, the Spree Forest Germany has received more attention from travelers, but it by no means is crowded. Here travelers will find opportunities for boating, fishing, eco tours, and a general escape from the bustle of German cities. With a wide range of flowers, plants, and animals, the Spree Forest is a natural enthusiasts dream.

After visiting the thrilling city of Berlin, you might want to get out of the city and experience the more natural side of Germany. One of the best places to do so is Spreewald. This forest, spread over 185 square miles, is best known for its punts. These small boats, pushed along by a long stick in the water, are a particularly peaceful way to enjoy the biosphere reserve. Bring along a picnic and you can plan an entire day of exploring the Spree Forest Germany right from the seat of a punt. If you thought punting was only for the rivers around Oxford and Cambridge in England, this forest will make you think again.

Adventurous travelers will also find more ways to enjoy Spreewald. Whether you’re a beginner fisherman or an expert, casting a line in the Spree Forest is a fun excursion. It is possible to either rent equipment for an independent fishing adventure or to join a local tour guide who can guide you to the best spots. The same is true about eco tours. Independent travelers can explore the flora and fauna on their own, or you can choose to enlist the help of a knowledgeable guide. There are also opportunities to learn about local forestry and agriculture.

Besides natural beauty, the Spree Forest Germany is also known as a unique pocket of culture. Many of the people that call this forest home are descendents of the first settlers who came from a Slavic tribe, and over time they preserved their own language, clothing, and culture. This fact gives the forest a historical slant too. Beyond boating and fishing, interested visitors can take the time to explore historic buildings and even do a little shopping. Another aspect of the local culture here is the hot springs. After a long day of exploring, a soak in the mineral waters could be the perfect end to the day.

Other adventure activities in the Spree Forest include renting bikes or spending a couple days camping. While there are many small hotels and vacation homes, some travelers prefer to take the natural approach towards exploring the forest. Many people plan a trip to this biosphere reserve simple for the opportunity to go punting, and discover a destination that has so much more to offer. Between cycling, camping, local hot springs, and an interesting culture, you will get much more than you bargained for with a visit to the Spree Forest in Germany.

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