Suggested Itinerary Germany

With its rich history and tradition stretching back hundreds of years, Germany is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Europe. Suggested itineraries for Germany can include tours of the big city architecture, or travel through the countryside and some of Germany’s more rural areas. Whether your travel itinerary for Germany includes skiing, German castle tours, or simply a trip into Hamburg or Stuttgart for Oktoberfest, the suggested itineraries for Germany mentioned below should help to narrow down your travel plans.

Suggested itinerary for Berlin:

1-3 Days

Many suggested itineraries for Germany will send travelers to Berlin. If you only have a day or two to travel Germany, this is an excellent suggestion. A typical suggested itinerary for Berlin will include a walking tour of the city. In Berlin, you can see the Berlin Wall Museum, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Unter den Linden, or shop at the Potsdarner Platz in the city. You can also enjoy some great traditional German and Bavarian cuisine throughout the city. Charlottenburg Palace, the Gemaldegalerie, and the Agyptisches Museum are popular stops for history lovers.

4-7 Days

With multiple days, you can spend time at the Pergamon Museum on Museum Island, the National Gallery, the Jewish Museum, and all of the shops and cafés in between. Transportation and the Autobahn offer a lot of great options for travelers trying to get around the city and even between cities. If you choose to rent a car to get around you will have the most luck with rentals in the city. This will give you a chance to visit some of the outlying areas and surrounding countryside to see towns like Frandfurt, Hamburg, and Dresden.

7+ Days

With multiple days to explore Berlin and its neighbors, you will still want to follow the suggested itinerary for Berlin mentioned above. In addition, your travel itinerary for Germany can include some side trips and day trips to areas such as Potsdam or the Berlin Zoo. Checkpoint Charlie and the Europa Center are also popular stops for tourists with extra time.

Suggested Munich Itinerary:

1-3 Days

If you have a chance to spend a day or two in Munich, try to schedule your trip during Oktoberfest in October. While your Munich itinerary and travel plans may not coincide perfectly with a vacation in the fall, the city of Munich is truly at its best during this festival. The rest of the year, you will also enjoy a historical tour of the city, with stops at the Bavarian Opera House, a Kris Kringle Mart, the Deutsches Museum, and the Alte Pinakothek.

4-7 Days

Follow the Munich itinerary mentioned above, and in addition head to the Staatsgalerie Moderner Kunst. Since Munich is known throughout the world for its incredible beer, you will also want to make time to do some sampling. The beer gardens at the English Gardens in Munich is an excellent choice, or you might just spent time hopping around between local pubs. Nymphenburg Palace is also located in Munich, and worth visiting if you have some extra time in the city.

7+ Days

Your travel itinerary for Germany from Munich with a week or more on your hands can also include some side trips. The countryside surrounding Munich is a great place to visit some of the best German castles, and you may even book a stay at one of the castle hotels. Some of the outlying areas also features excellent spas and rural resorts.

If you have enough time to visit multiple cities in Germany, you will also want to schedule time to see some of more rural areas. The Black Forest, Cologne Cathedral in Cologne, and the Romantic Road are all great choices for destinations off the beaten path. However you choose to enjoy Germany, there are plenty of contemporary and relaxed adventure options.

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