Sylt Germany

Sylt Germany is a small island on the northernmost point in Germany and is a part of the North Frisian Islands, which is just south of Denmark. The island has a population of around 21,000, which increases two-fold during the busy summer months. The first settlers arrived in Sylt around the 8th and 9th century and tourism on the island started around the 19th century. Sylt Island is the ultimate destination if you desire a place to relax and take advantage of the outdoor activities that are popular on Sylt Island Germany such as camping, hiking, fishing, and sailing. Sylt travel is very popular for Germans and tourist around the world who desire a relaxing vacation or a luxury vacation home in the North Frisian Islands. The island has become very popular with Germany’s wealthy celebrities and is considered an exclusive place to vacation. Out of all of the things to do in Germany, Sylt Island remains a favorite.

The transportation system in Germany is very user-friendly. Renting a car isn’t necessary in Sylt Germany because of the extensive bus system that will take you anywhere you need to go. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast or simply want to explore the island, Sylt Island offers more than 200 km of cycling and hiking trails. Most of these trails go right along beautiful beaches where old-fashioned windmills and dunes can be seen. Riding along these trails is the best way to see Sylt Island and renting a bike is easy. In fact, most hotels offer bicycles to their guests as a courtesy. While there are many beaches in Germany, mild tides make the beaches in Sylt ideal for sailing and swimming. Keep in mind that at many German beaches, clothing is optional.

Even if you aren’t an outdoor enthusiast, you will still enjoy the variety of shopping opportunities in Sylt Germany. Your Sylt travel experience would not be complete without browsing the locally made handicrafts made by Sylt Germany residents. One item that is popular in the North Frisian Islands is the Strandkorb, which is a hooded wicker seat. Residents of the island use these seats to lounge beach-side and enjoy the fresh air.

Sylt travel may be tricky during the busy tourism season of June and July. Oftentimes, flights are full and accommodations are expensive. You may want to consider planning your Sylt travel experience in the late spring months, before tourism season starts. Of course, the climate is cooler this time of year, but you’ll be able to avoid the crowds. Many people come in the winter to take advantage of the posh health spas and the winter scenery. The best way to get to Sylt Germany is to fly into Hamburg and then take the train over the Hindenburgdamm, which is a causeway that joins the North Frisian island of Sylt to the mainland, Schleswig-Holstein. The train ride takes about three hours. Another option is to fly to the North Frisian Islands on one of the many small German carriers. Lufthansa also offers daily flights to Sylt Island.

However large or small your budget may be, Sylt Island will be able to accommodate you. There are many guesthouses and bed and breakfast style accommodations on Sylt Island Germany, many of which offer private bathrooms and free breakfasts. The city of Keitum offers lovely old hotels that will relax even the most uptight tourist.

If you’re looking for a fabulous vacation in Europe that is somewhat off the beaten track, Sylt may be the place for you!

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