Things to do in Frankfurt

Cosmopolitan Frankfurt doesn’t really get its fair share of the limelight. There’s an excess of things to do here, though few vacationers reach this far into Germany. Many stop at Berlin, while those who do make it beyond the capital city tend to head straight for Cologne and the Rhineland. You could argue it’s a shame, as Frankfurt attractions and the variety of activities in Frankfurt equal the best in the country. Or you could take advantage of the opportunity to experience the many fun things to do in Frankfurt before the rest of the world seizes upon this great city.

Goethe’s Birthplace

For book-lovers, one of the top things to do in Frankfurt to pay a visit to the birthplace of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who is widely recognized as one of the most important figures in world literature. There are two Frankfurt attractions rolled into one here: In the Goethehaus you can see how the young writer lived, while in the adjacent Goethemuseum you can view some of Goethe’s paintings, drawings, and writings.

St Bartholomeus’ Cathedral

Activities in Frankfurt include St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral, which is truly a remarkable sight. Dating back to the fourteenth century, it’s a grand Gothic structure that was faithfully rebuilt following its devastation at the hands of World War II bombers in 1943 and ‘44.


While Berlin’s museums tend to look at that city’s distinctive history, Frankfurt’s are freer to explore all sorts of ages, eras, and subjects. As a result, the range of museums here is excellent. For an insight into various architectural styles, the Deutsches Architektur Museum is worth a visit, while the Deutsches Filmmuseum and the Museum Giersch are two more examples of the many great things to do in Frankfurt that revolve around museums.

Frankfurt Zoo

Of all the activities in Frankfurt available to the vacationer, a visit to the Frankfurt Zoo (or Zoologischer Garten Frankfurt) is often near the top of the list. Aside from housing a truly stunning collection of animals, the zoo is remarkable for its open-air feel—it’s as though you’re walking around a natural (though admittedly strange) ecosystem rather than organized exhibits of animals.


For more Frankfurt attractions with a nature theme, the scenery and vegetation of the Palmengarten comes high on any list of things to do in Frankfurt. One of two botanical gardens in the city—the Frankfurt Botanical Garden is next door—it features a succession of well-cultivated green spaces and fascinating large-scale greenhouses that are home to tropical flora from all over the world.

The Skyline

Frankfurt is Germany's tallest city in that it features the most and the highest skyscrapers of any metropolis in the country. One of the best views in town can be seen from the bridges that cross the Main River, just as the sun is setting, or rising, if you’re a morning person. At these times you can see Frankfurt’s impressive downtown skyline illuminated by gorgeous red rays of light.



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