Things to do in Munich

Munich stands proudly as the capital of Bavaria and one of Germany’s most culturally gifted cities. In a city famous for its pleasing architecture, hospitable nature, and—of course—love of beer, there is a slew of things to do in Munich that should keep vacationers happy for weeks on end. Attractions in Munich include great museums and more than the occasional Biergarten, and some of the most popular activities in Munich are visiting the city’s great palaces and castles. Any tourist's list of the top ten things to do in Munich will likely include one or all of the following Munich tourist attractions.

Theatine Church

Built during the latter half of the seventeenth century, this baroque masterpiece was designed by Agostino Barelli, an Italian architect who also penned the blueprints for the Nymphenburg Palace. In a city defined by its red roofs, the yellow-tinted walls and green-gray dome of the church make it stand out among its surroundings. Things to do in Munich at the Theatine Church include a tour of its crypt, where many of the city’s illustrious figures are buried.

The National Theatre

The National Theatre is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Munich. The appeal of the place is twofold. First, it’s a stunning piece of architecture that’s both grandiose (on the outside) and intricately ornate (on the inside). Second, the Bavarian State Opera performs here on a regular basis. One of the top attractions in Munich has to be catching a live performance by the company, which is said to be one of the best the world has to offer.


In terms of Munich tourist attractions, they don’t come any bigger than Oktoberfest, a mammoth beer festival that takes place every year over the last week of September and the first of October. Germany is famous for its wide selection of beer, and there’s simply no better place to sample them than Oktoberfest. Aside from huge tents, each run by a major brewery, visitors can feast on hearty German food and enjoy traditional Bavarian entertainment. A word of warning: Things get rather messy come nightfall!

Deutsches Museum

The Deutsches Museum in Munich emphasizes the idea that Germans are, as a people, some of the most technically gifted engineers you’ll find. Located on a small island in the Isar River, it houses an abundance of hands-on exhibits that take visitors through various scientific and engineering discoveries. Munich tourist attractions don’t come any more fun or educational than this.

Dachau Concentration Camp

It's not the most uplifting of things to do in Munich, but joining a tour to the nearby remains of the Dachau Concentration Camp is something every visitor should do while visiting the city. Exhibits here show in an unbiased light the sheer brutality of such camps, with knowledgeable tour guides illuminating various aspects of life during the Nazi era. All in all, a visit to Dachau is a humbling and evocative experience.

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