One of the best ways to pack your trip full of excitement is with Germany tours. Many travelers have a desire to explore Germany, but don’t know where to begin. This is a large country with many different attractions, including historical sites, beautiful works of architecture, unspoiled forests, and more breweries than you could possibly count. Choosing bus tours in Germany might just make your trip more manageable. With experienced tour guides who can lead your trip in English, some of the obstacles of exploring this country will be removed.

From the popular beer tour in Germany to options focused on outdoor adventure or history, there are many options for tours. If you’ve never been to Germany before, you might opt for one of the general overview tours. These tours include some popular highlights of Germany, including Berlin, Munich, and Cologne. The incredibly efficient train system links different regions of Germany if you want to see a lot during one trip. There are also more localized bus tours in Germany, if you want to explore on region, such as Bavaria for example.

Every traveler will have their own vision of perfect Germany tours. If you’re interested in Germany’s royal history and want to discover castles straight out of a fairytale, you can join a castle tour. Two of the most popular castles were built by King Ludwig II in the late 19th century. Visiting both Linderhof Castle and Neuschwanstein Castle will be a highlight of any castle tour. Other tours can be more nature based. If you want to do some hiking and biking, plan a trip to the Thuringian Forest. Travelers who want to enjoy fishing and boating should check out the Spree Forest.

History will be at the core of many Germany tours. From walking tours of Berlin where you can visit major attractions such as the Berlin Wall and Brandenburg Gate to bus tours of concentration camps, Germany is full of opportunities to learn about the past. What’s incredibly striking about Berlin is the range of periods in their history. You can go to Cologne to feast your eyes on a cathedral that was built over the course of eight centuries, or you can go to Berlin and learn about the crumble of the Berlin wall in 1989. From the history of the World Wars to the devastation of the Nazis, there are endless tours in this country that will provide insight into history.

Another of the most popular bus tours in Germany is a beer tour. The best place for a beer tour in Germany is Bavaria, the region particularly known for its beer. Both in the city of Munich and outside you can visit breweries, sample local brews, and learn about centuries of history that has gone into the crafting of German beers. Whether you choose a beer tour in Germany, a history-based tour, or an adventure-based tour, having an English-speaking guide to lead your trip might help to avoid any hassle. By arranging hotels and transportation in advance, all you will have to do is sit back and enjoy.

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