Transportation in Germany

As the crossroads of Europe, it's little surprise that there's no shortage of options if you want to travel Germany. This article will focus on the options available other than renting a car: travel by rail, travel by boat, and bus tours of Germany.

Travel Germany - Train

A German train is another excellent choice for travel across the land. There are plenty of connections to multiple airports within the country—Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Düsseldorf—and over sixty connections to locales outside of Germany. Customs is usually handled onboard the train after it has left the station so that delays are avoided. Inside the major cities, you'll also find plenty of subways to take you from place to place. Conveniently enough, a German train is often linked to another mode of transport: the bus. Where the rail leaves off, a bus is often available to take a traveler along special routes of particular interest.

Travel Germany - Bus

A perfect option for the environmentally conscious, bus tours of Germany are a great decision. While renting a car might provide more freedom, taking a coach will ensure that you won't get lost along the way to your destination. Traffic won't be a concern as you relax and watch the landscape pass by. A great advantage of this method of travel is that buses typically run to and from all the major towns and cities. An international federation has set up bus tours of Germany, ensuring reliable and safe transportation. The Romantic Road is a popular choice as it features numerous picturesque villages, historical sights, and natural beauty. Another common destination is Linderhof castle. Just be sure to keep an eye on your watch lest you lose track of time while wandering the grounds of King Ludwig II.

Travel Germany - Boat

It's, perhaps, a less popular option but no less beautiful, traveling the rivers of Germany by boat provides a truly serene experience. With a wide variety of landscapes to admire and architecture to enjoy, there are plenty of reasons to consider traveling by boat. All manner of options are available too, from sunny afternoons in a canoe or kayak to a thrilling ride in a motor or sailing yacht to a leisurely ride in a larger boat. Ferries to the Frisian Islands are a popular choice. You can also find boats that run along the major rivers (Rhine, Main), lakes (Lake Constance).

So whether you pick a German train, bus, or boat, you're sure to have a safe and pleasant journey.

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