When to go to Germany

If you're planning to travel to Germany, you won't find a lack of places to see or things to do. One is almost never far away from tourist attractions in Germany. However, you will want to take into what you would like to experience as well as the typical tourist season.

Most will want to take their Germany vacation between May and late September, when the skies are more likely to be clear and the weather is warm. A savvy traveler can seize these days and frequent the outdoor cafes and beer tents in the cities and villages or enjoy one of the many hikes or cycling paths available. The weather is not always cooperative though and rain is not a rare event.

Music lovers will want to travel to Germany in late July for the Richard Wagner Festival in Bayreuth.

The numerous castles that dot the enchanting landscape can provide some spectacular views and are always great tourist attractions in Germany.

The transitional months though—October to November and March through May—can be surprisingly pleasant and will see fewer tourists making trips to Germany. While the weather may not be consistently comfortable, there are still a host of activities to do. The Hamburg Dom Festival takes place three times each year, including March into April. The Festival is a large fair featuring rides, spacious beer tents, and music. Some of the special attractions vary from season to season, and those that arrive to see the summer fair will miss out on the fantastic witches' village seen in the spring Dom.

Out of all the tourist attractions in Germany, none are more famous than Oktoberfest which, ironically enough, takes places primarily in September and only overlaps with the beginning of October. Millions of people will make their trips to Germany and into Munich for the seventeen day festival to partake in the seven grand beer palaces, savory cuisine, and live music and performances. Given the festival's popularity, those looking for a Germany vacation in Munich during this period of time should make their reservations well in advance.

The winter months bring colder temperatures and there are fewer outdoor activities, but skiers and snowboarders will delight in the snowy slopes of the Alps. The most famous resort, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, is reason enough for alpine enthusiasts to travel to Germany. The ski area has hosted the Olympics, World Championships, and most years it holds at least one World Cup race.

Those that aren't ski fans can still find a reason for a winter Germany vacation. Carnival season runs strong in the winter and is a unique experience. You won't want to miss the Shrove Monday Parade.

So whether you come for summer hiking, Oktoberfest, or some winter skiing, Germany has plenty to offer all year-round.

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