German Wine

When you think of wine, you often think of the vineyards of France or Italy, but wine from Germany consists of many fine vintages. The Germany wine differs from its European brethren due to the difference in landscape and climate. The wine from Germany tends to be fruitier, but given the variable kinds of grapes and soils, there's no one style that can be attributed to Germany wine. Germany is one of the most northerly locations for vineyards with their primary locations for wine-making in the south and southwest of the country.

Wine from Germany consists of thirteen regions, each of which offers a different experience. Those that love red wine will want to pay a visit to Württemberg; over half of the vineyards here contain red wine varietals. Trollinger can be found here and rarely anywhere else. Full-bodied vintages are the norm with some light and fruity ones also available.

Where Württemberg is known for its red, Rheinhessen is known for its white. Rheinhessen is the largest wine growing area in Germany and due to its variable climate and soil there are many different kinds of grapes grown here. Silvaner, an old variety, is grown extensively here. Rheinhessen is also where the Liebfraumilch was first made—a mellow and sweet white wine that's quite popular in the United States and Great Britain. In general, the Germany wine here is medium-bodied, aromatic, and easy to drink.

In Baden, you'll find vineyards nestled between the Rhine river and the hilly Black Forest. Much like Rheinhessen, Baden features many different soil types and thus varieties of grapes. You'll find plenty of Pinot and Pinot Noir varietals in Baden and the tastes run the gamut between dry and somewhat sweet. You might come to Baden to see the Black Forest, Lake Constance, or to stay in the spa town of Baden-Baden, but the Germany wine is certainly worth trying.

Those looking to pay a visit to the wineries themselves are in luck. The German Wine Institute produces a multilingual brochure detailing some 600 wineries that allow visitors. You should try and time your visit from April through summer or just after the autumnal harvest. There are a hundreds of outdoor wine festivals that take place during this time such as the Rhine wine festival Germany. These festivals feature dancing, local food, and, of course, wine tasting. At the larger festivals, like the Rhine wine festival Germany, you'll see fireworks and a greater variety of food. If you're looking to experience culture first hand then the Rhine wine festival Germany, as well as the other festivals, are an excellent choice.

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