Greece has seen a long and storied history that boasts thousands of years of civilizations who paved the road for those that came after them. What more can you say about a country that is the cradle of western civilization? What more do you need to add to a country’s label other than “Birthplace of Democracy”? How about that Greece was also the birthplace of the Olympic Games, political science, western philosophy, western literature and drama. Ancient Athens, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Ottoman Empire, and finally, Greece! The country sure endured a lot to get where it is today, and now it is sharing its culture and history with more people than ever. Greece tourist attractions range from ruins to red beaches, sunshine to seashore, monuments to mealtime. Greece travel rewards the visitor with memories for a lifetime and wishes to return again one day. Choose a Greece vacation spot, or ten Greece vacation spots, and come see why Greece vacations are so special.

For those who appreciate history and architectural ruins, Greece travel is ideal. Athens alone could satisfy the history buff for weeks. From the Acropolis, with its ruins that include the Parthenon, to the ancient Panathenaiko Stadium, history is witnessed, or moreover experienced. Walk through the Athenian Agora, marvel at the ancient Odeon of Herodes Atticus, and wonder what the Temple of Olympiad Zeus must have been like in its time. Greece tourist attractions run wild in Athens, the city is full of them. Throughout the country, in cities like Thessaloniki and the Old Town of Rhodes, the imprints from past civilizations are easily recognized. Take a day trip to Olympia to see where the Olympics began, or visit the Church of the Metamorphisis at Meteora to see the lengths that monks went to hundreds of years ago to preserve their religion and way of life.

For museum buffs, Greece vacations deliver. Athens alone features some of the world’s best museums, including the National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum. The new Acropolis Museum will soon offer an intense study of the objects that exhaustive excavations have unearthed atop the Acropolis. Archaeological museums are spread throughout the islands, from Chania to Rhodes, Paros to Rethymnon. Museums are among the top Greece tourist attractions due to the country’s rich history and devotion to the arts.

Greece travel rewards the culinary fans as well. At every Greece vacation spot there is a taverna nearby, or a gyro stand and of course the rich smells of fresh baked bread. Greeks take pride in their food, it is a part of their culture. Food is both celebrated in Greece and used as celebration for Greece’s most cherished festivities. Greece vacations allow you to sample the Greek food you’ve come to love at home in its authentic environment. Saganaki, grilled lamb, moussaka, fried octopus and a glass of ouzo, and of course baklava. Greece serves up fresh seafood and harvests from the land, taking to the table a fresh array of locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs. Greek olive oil is considered by many to be the finest in the world, and Greece travel reveals the beautiful rows of Greece’s great olive trees, a gift from the goddess Athena. Enjoy an array of liquors and emerging Greek wines as you enjoy the Greek cuisine.

For adventurers, there is excitement waiting at each and every Greece vacation spot. Ski the mountains of northern Greece and the Peloponnese peninsula, rock climb at Meteora, take a bike tour on the island of Crete. Hikers will experience a hike like no other on the volcanic island of Santorini. You can book a charter and sail the Aegean Sea from one island to another by yacht. Head to the gorges of Greece, like Samoria Gorge on Crete, or those of the mainland mountains and experience rivers, waterfalls and the beautiful natural beauty of Greece. Take a bicycle tour on Crete, or trek down to an isolated beach where you are the only soul around. Greece has some of Europe’s best beaches. Red Beach Santorini, Red Beach Crete, and Paradise Beach on Mykonos are just a few. From isolated coves and flat rock hideaways, to beaches where seaside bars and clubs are jumping well into the next morning. Soak up some sun on Greece’s beaches and see why Greece travel in the summer is so popular. Numerous water sports can be enjoyed at Greece’s beaches, from snorkeling and scuba diving to windsurfing and conventional surfing.

Embrace Greece travel and it will embrace you back. Spend time in a thriving city, or head far off into the Aegean Sea for an island escape. No matter which Greece tourist attractions you choose to go after, or which Greece vacation spot you think fits your needs, Greece vacations offer everything you could ask for when it’s time to break your routine. Just be ready for a warm welcome when you arrive in Greece. The Greek people are open, friendly and sharing. They will offer their country to you and help you to enjoy it the very best you can. You will probably make many new friends on your trip to Greece, which is all the more reason to keep going back.



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