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The beaches in Greece are among the best beaches in world, and although they can be enjoyed most of the year, they serve primarily as a summer playground for visitors from all over the world. When it comes to Greece beaches, there are plenty of well-organized spots featuring various water sports options, and just as many secluded and isolated locales where you can escape from the world. Finding a Greece beach that has what you are looking for is an easy task, and most often you can just ask the staff at your hotel or any local to recommend the beach with the characteristics you have in mind. Head to the Greek islands and find a wealth of beaches and beach nightlife that will have you dancing until dawn, or stick to the strips of sand along the mainland coast and mix your beach experience with your mainland Greece tour. Where there is coastline in Greece, there is usually the right beach for you nearby.

Greece Beach Resorts
Greece Beach Resorts  Image: Sani Resort

With so many different types of beaches to offer, making a list of the best beaches in Greece is futile, as the topic is rather subjective. But when choosing a Greece beach, you will find many are proud European Blue Flag award winners, meaning they are clean and support good facilities. When you start your Greece tour, or book a vacation package to Greece, you will likely find yourself in Athens at some point. There are some great beaches in Greece found near Athens, and in the summer many of the bars and clubs in other areas of the city close down and re-open by the beaches. Many of the best Greece beaches near Athens can be found along the route that leads to Cape Sounion and there are city beaches at Pireaus and Faliron. Try heading to the public beaches at Vouliagmeni and Varkiza and walk down to some of the coves and small pebble beaches to escape from the crowds. If you want to try windsurfing, try the beaches near Saronida and Anavissos. At many of the Athens public beaches you will find changing cabins, restaurants and various beach rentals. For a picturesque bay and impeccable beach amenities try a day at Grand Beach Lagonissi.

If you are staying in or near Thessaloniki, you will be within reach of some of the best northern beaches in Greece. To the southwest of Thessaloniki you will find Katerini and Leptokaria and on the southeast side is the Halkidiki Peninsula. Many will argue that the beaches on Halkidiki are the best beaches in Greece, others defer to the islands. If you like the idea of beach camping, then head to the Kassandra section of Halkidiki, or find free camping sites along the Sithonia peninsula. There are also some of the best resorts in Greece along this peninsula and the other beaches near Thessaloniki.

Of course there would have to be mention made of the beaches in Greece throughout the chain of islands. Like beaches on the mainland, Greece beaches on the islands truly offer something for everyone. If you want to find a crowded beach hopping with nightlife, you will find it in the Greek islands. If you want a quiet and secluded retreat by the sea, you will find it also in the Greek islands. For top notch nightlife and non-stop partying, check out the beautiful, and often crazy, Paradise Beach on Mykonos. On the island of Santorini, you will find excellent beaches on the eastern and southern coasts offering everything from water sports to naturist sections. Red Beach on Santorini is an amazing beach of red sand locked close to the blue, Aegean waters by an imposing set of scaling red cliffs. Other beaches on Santorini have black sand or white sand and the color schemes found at these beaches will confound you. On Crete, you will be rewarded for your journey with hundreds of beaches. There are many resorts and organized beaches along Crete’s north coast, with the less crowded options on the south and west side. Whichever island you choose to visit, there will be a wealth of beaches waiting for you. Generally, the easy to reach beaches will be more crowded than those that take a bit of effort to get to. The effort is always worth it though, if you want to get away from the crowds.

Renting a car in Greece is a good idea if you want to be able to head to certain beaches without worrying about bus schedules. On the islands, renting a 4x4 or a motorbike will help you access some of the isolated beaches and there are often taxi boats on many of the islands that will transport you between the busier beaches and the more serene ones when you are ready for a change. Most of the hotels on the islands have incredible service and will assist you with finding transportation options and the best beaches in Greece for you.



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