Greece Ferries

Greece ferry lines play a significant role in getting travelers around the country’s perimeter and to and from the country’s famed islands, and recent improvements made by the Greek shipping industry have benefitted the industry. Most Greek islands are spread throughout the Aegean Sea and there are a myriad of ferries in Greece that can take you both to and from ports on the mainland. Ferries to Greece from ports in other countries play an integral role in bringing visitors into the country..

The primary Greek ports handling the bulk of ferries in Greece traveling between the mainland and the islands are located in Athens, Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis. Those coming from other countries most often operate out of Italy, with some routes to and from countries like Albania, Egypt and Turkey. Aboard the larger ferries, you’ll have plenty of options to keep busy on these state of the art ferries to Greece, as these large ships offer plenty of diversions for individuals and families to help make the time go by. Ferries to Greece are like sailing hotels, and whether you want to catch up on sleep in your cabin, take in the sights on deck, peruse the duty-free shop, or belly up to the bar and chat with other passengers, you will find that half the fun is in the journey itself. The larger Greece ferries can accommodate over 1,500 people, have 10 decks and measure over 660 feet in length, and these technologically sound ships have the latest radar equipment, lifeboats and raft equipment that is up to the latest maritime standards, and highly trained captains. This ensures a safe trip where you can leave the worries of getting there up to the crew, while you relax and enjoy the ride.

A ferry to Greece for those traveling in Europe embarks from Italy, primarily from ports in Ancona and Brindisi. Other cities in Italy from which to catch ferries to Greece are Venice, Bari, Trieste and Otranto. These ferries to Greece are primarily the large hotel-like ships that are typically new and full of entertainment options. Arriving in Greece, they pull into the western Greece ports such as Patras, Igoumenitsa, and Corfu. The improvement in the quality of ferries to Greece from Italy has resulted in travel times being cut drastically. Also, these large ships are able to transport both people and their cars or even RV’s. Some Greece ferries have “Camping on Board” options, where you can sleep in your camper and use the power hookups, as well as showers and bathrooms on the ship. Cabin rentals on these ferries to Greece range from the standard to the “Lux” options, and the luxury accommodations most often include breakfast with amenities such as a t.v., refrigerator and large windows offering superb views. You can book online with the various companies to arrange your trip on a ferry to Greece, and you will find itineraries and ticket options on the internet. There are a bunch of options, and listing them would be a profound undertaking, but keep in mind that companies offering ferries to Greece often offer discounts that apply to students, infants and children, seniors, and passengers with special needs. Sometimes you can also save money booking well in advance, or by buying a return ticket with your departure ticket.

Once you are in Greece, there are a plethora of ferries in Greece that will take you to a number of the Greek islands. Near Athens, the port of Piraeus can be reached by metro, bus or train, and upgrades for the 2004 Olympics in Athens significantly modernized the port. Younger travelers, or those with a budget in mind, usually prefer to buy tickets in “deck class”, but you can also arrange for a cabin. More often than not, ferries in Greece offer cabins with 2, 3 or 4 beds, and lone travelers looking for an exclusive cabin will have to pay at least fifty-percent of the ticket price for the resulting empty bed. You’ll want to book a Greece ferry cabin as far in advance as possible during the summer, as travel to islands such as Mykonos, Crete, Santorini and Rhodes is popular not only among tourists, but Greek natives as well. Whereas island-hopping may seem like a great idea when traveling by ferries in Greece, often the best idea is choose one or two islands to visit, as schedules and routes are not always as convenient as they may seem. Plus, that way you can relax on the island or islands of your choice and explore their options, instead of having to keep embarking on trip after trip.

There are many options for Greece vacation packages that you can book ahead of time, taking a lot of the stress out of finding ferries in Greece, or booking hotels once you arrive at your island destinations. There are kiosks at each port, for those buying Greece ferry tickets as they go, and this is a good option if you are going with no set itinerary. Greece ferries share the responsibility of transporting the thousands of tourists each year to the islands with various hydrofoils and catamarans, and you will find an array of Greek ferry options for your intended islands vacation.

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