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There is so much to see and do in Greece that you may arrive at the difficult decision of trying to pick the ideal Greece travel tour for you. With so many possibilities for different Greece tours, selecting the right one for you just takes a little exploration. While some prefer to travel without a schedule and think that a Greece tour will affect their sense of freedom, others see the value of having everything arranged ahead of time. There is a Greece tour to fit just about every preference, and it is hard to deny the benefits of firsthand attention while visiting some of the best attractions that Greece has to offer. Another value of booking a Greece tour is the money that you can save by packaging your airfare and accommodations with your respective tour.

There are Greece tours that last from half a day to two weeks or more, and if you arrange a guided tour with escorts and fellow travelers, you can enjoy the sense of community that comes with your trip. It is quite nice to have your transportation arranged, your meals covered and admission fees already paid on a fully included tour. You can leave the stress out of planning everything and simply sit back and enjoy the ride. While prices vary for the different Greece tours that you will encounter, many share similar itineraries. The changes in price are attributed to the class of accommodations, the size of the group and the frequency of meals allotted. If you are looking for a bunch of extras, then of course you will pay more, but if you are flexible and prefer to travel modestly, you can save money on your Greece travel tour.

If you would like to arrange part of your vacation and leave the guided tours out in favor of your own tour plans, then you can simply arrange a Greece vacation package that combines your airfare and hotel accommodations. Many times, the deals you can find booking a package tour can save you some serious bucks. If you think you want to rent a car in Greece, then you can often include that in your package as well. This allows you to visit attractions at your own speed while at the same time ensuring that you will have hotel and maybe a meal waiting for you when it’s time to park it.

A tour of Greece can either be predominantly a land tour, or a tour of the Greek islands, or both. It’s up to you. With land tours, there are a series of arranged trips to places of historical significance, with stops in major cities or nearby villages where you can take advantage of the dining and shopping options. A tour of Greece by sea can be arranged where Greece ferries transport you to and from the various islands with stops that can include beaches or archaeological sites. This takes the confusion out of how to get there, and what to do when you get there. If Athens gets too hectic for you, or you have visited the mainland sites you wanted to see, you can take a quick tour to the islands on a 1-day, 4-day, or week-long tour. There are even side tours on many of the islands that can be booked separately or with your Greece tour. Imagine relaxing at a sunny beach in Santorini, watching the beautiful sunset and having a wine tour waiting for you the next day. Yes, Greece is making strides in the wine industry, and even on the islands you can book a small wine tour to add diversity to your trip.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also find a Greece tour that allows them to mix their sightseeing tours of the cities with eco-tours that get them out in the fresh air. Greece is blessed with picturesque mountains, rivers, lakes, beaches and wooded areas, and it is an amazing country for nature enthusiasts. Climb the mountains on the mainland, or take a hike along the crater of Santorini. Rent a bike and cruise the flats on Crete, or bike into town at a small village for lunch. Eco-tours let you burn some calories while experiencing the Greek landscape firsthand. If you can dream it up, there’s probably a Greece travel tour that covers it. You can even head to Turkey or Egypt, or embark by ship from Italy with the various Greece cruises that offer tours. No matter which tour of Greece you decide to go with, you are assured that it will provide you memories and stories for a lifetime.

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