Mykonos Greece

If you are looking for a Greek island that offers beautiful beaches, intense nightlife, lovely whitewashed buildings, picturesque narrow streets and a taste of old world Greece mixed with a cosmopolitan feel, then Mykonos just might be the fit for you. Mykonos Greece is among Europe"s most famous vacation destinations, and it is known for its upscale feel and expensive real estate. Celebrities, both Greek and foreign, are known to inhabit the island in the summer and can be spotted often dining at a Mykonos restaurant or strolling the streets. Mykonos, while maintaining roots to its past values and ways of life, can get a bit hedonistic in the right places at the right time. While Mykonos Greece is fairly small, covering just around 295 square miles, its image looms large. Whereas more people are attempting to build on the island, strict zoning codes are making sure that the new wave of architecture fits the island’s Cycladic style.

Mykonos nightlife continues to establish itself as some of the best in all of Europe. Clubbing is renown here, and some of best Mykonos clubs and bars can be found along the beach. Visiting DJ’s who are making a name for themselves in other parts of the world often pay a visit to the most popular beachfront clubs and bars. The famous Mykonos beach, Paradise Beach, is among the island’s most notable spots for having a good time, where scores of the young and wild come to enjoy the liberal atmosphere. Paradise beach supports nude bathing and Mykonos nightlife gets pretty explosive here, primarily in the summer. But if the Mykonos nightlife or nude-tolerant beaches aren’t why you are coming to Mykonos, you’ll find tamer beaches and settings are just as easy to find. There is a Mykonos beach to fit every need or preference, and the Mykonos beach options rank among the best beaches in Greece.

The history of Mykonos Greece is partly the stuff of legend. Greek mythology places the island as the spot where Zeus battled a series of large giants, aided in his plight by Hercules and Poseidon. The island’s name supposedly is derived from Mykons, who was a grandson of Apollo. Actual recorded history shows that the Ionians inhabited Mykonos as far back as the 11th century BC, and evidence shows that the Neolithic tribe of the Kares lived on Mykonos as far back as 3000BC. The Phoenicians would eventually establish a civilization at Mykonos, followed by the Macedonians and the Athenians, and Mykonos would become an important post for maritime trade during the time of Alexander the Great. Throughout this time, Mykonos shared its history with the nearby island of Delos, which lies little over a mile to the west.

In ancient times, Delos maintained a high population and established itself as an important sacred island. Greek mythology maintains that it was the birthplace of both Apollo and Artemis. While Delos experienced success as a cult center and sought after destination, it was short on natural resources and for some time Mykonos functioned mostly as a supply island for Delos. Many remnants from Delos’s past can be found on the island, and it is among the best archaeological sites in Greece. The island is on the UNESCO World Heritage List and has been designated a national museum. It is well worth a visit and can be accessed by scheduled boat trips that leave from Mykonos harbor and various Mykonos beach points.

Mykonos should rank high on your list when thinking of which Greek islands you might want to visit. With its neighbor Delos to the west, its sought-after beaches, rich nightlife and genuine Cycladic appeal, Mykonos will have you reconsidering any desire to go island hopping. There are plenty of accommodations options on the island, and Mykonos hotels are just part of the selection of vacation rentals that includes apartments, houses and some of the most sought after villas in Greece.

Getting to Mykonos is relatively easy, especially during the summer, when the island is at its busiest. During the summer, regular flights from Athens and Thessaloniki service Mykonos, and flights between the islands of Rhodes, Crete and Santorini are standard as well. Various Greece ferry lines offer another popular way to reach Mykonos and some boats run routes between Mykonos and other Greek islands. Once you are on Mykonos, busses and taxis operate the bulk of transportation, and various boat lines can transport visitors to and from different beaches.


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