Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is one of the most dramatic on the largest of the Ionian Greek islands, Cephalonia. It is located about twenty miles north of the capital city of Argostoli near the charming little town of Assos. Like Porto Katsiki Beach on nearby Lefkada, Myrtos Beach is set at the foot of high, steep cliffs in a deep and wide bay. Before descending the cliffs to the beach below, it is worth spending some time savoring the spectacular views from above. Myrtos Beach holidays take advantage of one of the most scenic and photographed spots in all the islands.

Myrtos Beach has a number of services, including shopping, cafés, and tavernas, and you can rent sun beds and umbrellas. There is little shade here, so an umbrella or sunscreen is important. When you settle yourself on the fine white sand, you should take some care on either end of the beach. The cliffs are quite close to the water in these two areas, and there is a danger of falling rocks—that's why you will see fewer people in those two places. The beach is very wide in the center, so that portion of the beach is quite safe. Wind and waves pick up in the afternoon, so this is when to go if you want your Myrtos Beach holidays to include windsurfing. The best transportation to get here is a car or motor scooter rental. The road is twisting and steep, and those with walking issues may wish to choose a more accessible beach where you don't have to walk down steps carved into the cliffs. You can also book day trips to Myrtos Beach by boat from many of the towns and villages along the coast.

There are few Myrtos Beach hotels right at the beach. Although you can find some nice apartments and residences in Assos, most visitors enjoying Myrtos Beach holidays will choose accommodation in the resort town of Agia Efemia, which is located on the opposite (eastern) side of the island about five miles away. Most of these are two- and three-star studios and apartments, making this a very popular place for family vacations. A couple miles south of Agia Efemia is the port town of Sami, where Greece ferries from other islands (as well as the city of Brindisi in Italy) dock. Here you will find the only five-star property on the island, the Ionian Emerald Resort. It's actually in the nearby village of Karavomylos, and offers a café, restaurant, bar, full-service spa and fitness center, and children's play facilities. The distance from here to Myrtos Beach is only nine miles.

Things to do around Myrtos Beach include sightseeing in the charming villages, which boast numerous old churches and monasteries. Near Assos in Fiskardo are the ruins of an old Venetian palace, and the coast has a number of caves that were used in ancient times. There are many other beautiful beaches, including some that are nesting sites for the rare loggerhead and green sea turtle. The Archaeological Museum in Argostoli is excellent, and you will find wonderful traditional Greek tavernas and dining spots in most of the larger towns and villages.

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