Olympia Greece Hotels

Most Olympia Greece hotels are located in the modern town or on nearby hills with scenic overviews of the archaeological site. A few are actually located at the ancient site. Most are three- and four-star properties, but there are some good two-star hotels and pensions. If hotels in Olympia are not for you, you can even find a vacation rental in the form of countryside villas or apartments in town. The beaches of the Ionian Sea are within ten miles, so some additional accommodation in Olympia can be found here.

The only true five-star properties in the area will be located here—most prominently the Aldemar Olympic Village and Royal Olympian (pictured). These two Olympia Greece hotels share one of the full-service thelasso spas that make its properties (including those on the islands of Crete and Rhodes) among the most popular spa resorts in the world. Between the two properties, there are numerous swimming pools, gourmet dining spots, and the pristine beaches near Pyrgos, capital city of the province. There is daily bus and train transportation to the ancient site (about seven miles away), and both hotels will assist with tours and excursions. Suites, bungalows, hotel rooms, and family apartments serve a variety of tastes.

In the four-star range is the Amalia, providing accommodation in Olympia that is part of the oldest and one of the most prestigious chains in Greece. Other Amalia properties can found in Athens with wonderful views of the Acropolis, in Kalambaka in the northern part of the country, near the ruins of Delphi, and in Nauplia on the eastern side of the Peloponnesian Peninsula. This option for lodging in Olympia Greece has nearly 150 rooms with balconies and views over the valley in which the ancient Greece city is located. There is a large swimming pool, restaurant, café, and bar.

Other hotels in Olympia in the same category and with a similar scenic location include the Best Western Europa with 80 rooms and suites with balconies and great views right over the archaeological site, and the Olympion Asty with many spacious rooms boasting balconies and fireplaces. Depending on how high up in the hills they are, many of these Olympia Greece hotels have views not only of the archaeological site, but also of the Ionian Sea and its beaches.

There is also good two- and three-star accommodation in Olympia if you are on more of a budget. You should look on the outskirts of Olympia and Pyrgos and in surrounding small towns. While these are usually not on beaches and usually do not have views of the ancient Greece site, both attractions and other things to do are within minutes. The three-star properties are often former private Greece villas that have added wings of rooms like the Athina in the little community of Krestena. This property with 50 rooms is open year round, which is not true for many similar properties. So do check the hotels in Olympia for this if you plan to travel during the off season. In the two star category is the pleasant family run Neda Hotel, one of the first hotels built right at the ancient city. From here, you can walk to the site.



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