Paradise Beach

If you are feeling a bit crazy, want to find a beach, relax by the beach by day, get crazy at night and do it all again the next day, then head to Paradise Beach. Paradise Beach Greece has made its name known in the circle of party spots on Europe’s islands. Paradise Beach attracts a lot of different kinds of people with one thing in common; they want to have a good time. Visitors to Paradise Beach will appreciate the selection in affordable accommodations ranging from Paradise Beach resort apartments to Paradise Beach camping sites close to the water. If you don’t mind crowds, or better yet if you are looking for crowds, come to Paradise Beach Greece where you can meet a world of people and have a rip-roaring good time. You can get to Paradise Beach by way of bus from Mykonos Town, which is only a couple miles away, or by the footpath or taxi-boats from Platis Yialos. You can get to Mykonos with direct flights or Greece ferries from Athens, Thessaloniki and from other Greek islands like Santorini and Rhodes.

Do not come to Paradise Beach if you are looking for a quiet beach and tame nightlife scene. People here can be seen dancing on the tables at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. Paradise is definitely a hedonistic choice among the beaches in Greece, and it is one of the most notable spots where nude-sunbathing is permitted. Other popular naturist beaches can be found at Red Beach Crete and Red Beach Santorini, and among many of the more isolated beaches in the chain of Greek islands. Paradise Beach Resort plays the main role in accommodations at Paradise Beach, and you will find various shops and eateries there.

There is a self-service restaurant at Paradise Beach Resort that caters to the masses quite effectively. The restaurant gets a lot of their own products from their organic gardens and they offer a variety of cuisine, ranging from classic Greek food to vegetarian and international dishes. The food can be a bit overpriced, but you are on vacation so you might as well just enjoy it and there aren’t many other options. If you are in the mood for a quick bite before you head back to the water or before you hit the bars, there is a nice snack bar close to the restaurant. You will find some nice food options at the snack bar, including souvlaki and gyros, steaks, grilled chicken and quick fixes like hamburgers and pizza. If your sweet tooth kicks in, you can grab some delights at the Paradise Beach Resort croissanterie. Choose from a selection of fresh bread and croissants, cakes and sweets, coffee and ice-cream.

Between the Paradise Beach Resort mini-market and boutique you can find all the little necessary items you might need during your stay at Paradise Beach. If you are Paradise Beach Camping, the mini-market has food supplies and camping equipment for sale, and at the mini-market you can pick-up some fruit, bakery items and drinks. If you need a new shirt, bag, sarong or want to peruse the souvenirs, you can check out the Paradise Beach boutique. If you forgot sunblock, want a magazine, need toiletries or are looking for flip-flops, this is the place to go.

Paradise Beach has some pretty interesting options in the way of accommodations, offering primarily options for the backpacker or budget traveler. If you want some comfort during you stay at Paradise Beach Resort, look to rent an apartment or room. Apartments have a mini-refrigerator, and private baths and showers. Some rooms have air-conditioning and others do not. Many people come to Paradise Beach for the renowned Paradise Beach camping. The campsites here are the best established on Mykonos, and you can choose to either book a beach cabin, rent a small tent, or pitch your own tent on the campground. While Paradise Beach camping, you will have access to communal showers and bathrooms, electricity outlet points, sinks for washing dishes and 24-hour hot water. The majority of cabins, tents and campsites are found about 150 feet from the beach, and while they are nothing in the way of luxury, they can be a lot of fun.

Paradise Beach may not be for everyone, but if you are looking to immerse yourself in a pretty crazy environment for a bit, then it is worth checking out. The beach itself is a nice long strip of fairly course rock sand, which doesn’t blow all over in the wind. The aqua-blue water is always refreshing, and you can engage in various water activities, including scuba diving or snorkeling. Popular things to do at Paradise Beach Resort are soak up the sun, meet interesting people, relax on the sofa-beds at one of the bars on the beach, enjoy the Paradise Beach Camping, and head out to the Paradise Beach bars when the sun begins to set. You will definitely want to check out the Tropicana Paradise Beach pool and dance club, and after 1 a.m. head to the Cavo Paradiso nightclub located on the hill above the beach.


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