Plaka Market

So you are in Athens and looking for that perfect gift to get that certain somebody. Shopping for other people can be difficult at times, but if you exercise some patience and let an item find you, sometimes you succeed in finding a gift that somebody actually wants. Finding the right gift though is usually easier when you are presented with a lot of choices. Sure enough in Athens there are plenty of different shopping opportunities, but the Plaka neighborhood is where you will likely find the widest variety of goods.

The Plaka in Athens, is the city's oldest neighborhood, and most of it has been relegated to foot traffic. It is often the favorite neighborhood for both locals and visitors, because it is one of the nicest. It wasn't always that way though. Plaka Greece used to be a hangout oriented towards nightlife. In the 1970's, however, the government banned the loud music pouring out of the Plaka nightclubs, and the neighborhood started to see a change. Plaka began to commercialize and is now home to an array of shops, restaurants and cafes. The Plaka market is full of merchants selling various items and keepsakes, especially on Sundays.

On Ermou Street, found in the Plaka neighborhood, you can shop until you drop. Ermou Street is the most famous shopping street in Greece, ranking among some of the most famous shopping streets in the world. True enough you can pick up some of the latest fashions here, but what about that rare item that you just must have? Every day, with Sunday being the most busy, the Monastariki flea market, or Plaka market, offers a series of small shops that could be selling anything from an old trumpet, to ornate ceramic goods. You just never know what you're going to find for sale in the Plaka market. Sure, many of the shops found in the Plaka market are tourist shops, but sometimes tourist shops sell the perfect little keepsakes. And, while you shop, you can enjoy the various streetlife that gives the Plaka market that extra bit of character, all while sampling the various Greek food favorites from the street vendors.

Although every day shopping in Plaka is a good day, Sundays are when the masses arrive. The Monastiraki Flea Market on Sundays is a lively arena of shoppers and buyers looking to either save a buck, or make one. Try to get to the Sunday Plaka market before 11 a.m., if possible, to enjoy shopping before the crowds arrive. Plaka Greece is as much a hangout for Greek natives, as it is for tourists. Just perusing the different stalls on the different streets, you are sure to find something that you want, and if you're good enough, you can often barter the price down a bit. The best thing about Plaka is that it is located near most of the main attractions in Athens. Just up a block from Adrianou street, which is one of Plaka's main streets, you'll find the Tower of the Winds, which makes up part of the Roman Agora. The Plaka is also within walking distance of the Parliament Building, and a stone's throw from the Acropolis. There are many good museums in the area that beg to be visited, among them the Frissiras Museum of Contemporary Greek and European Painting, The Museum of Greek Folk Art, the Benaki Museum and the National Archaeological Museum.

If you are searching for hotels in Athens, you should consider booking a room at one of the hotels found in the Plaka. A hotel Plaka Athens selection has you staying in arguably the best neighborhood in the city, with a wealth of activities awaiting you as you walk out the hotel door. All over the Plaka, interesting monuments and beautiful homes together create a charming atmosphere where you can simply wander into a bunch of good things. With the low level of traffic in the Plaka and everything you could want nearby, a Plaka hotel Athens selection is sure to prove a worthy base from which to explore Athens.

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