Psili Ammos Beach Patmos Greece

The Psili Ammos Beach Patmos Greece is one of the loveliest beaches on this island that is located only about 40 miles from the coast of Turkey. It is one of the prime places for sunbathing in Greece in the Dodecanese of the Greek islands, which also include the islands of Rhodes and Kos. This island is famous in history as the place where John of Patmos (also known as St. John the Divine) wrote the Book of Revelation, which he then sent to the Seven Churches in Turkey. After his death about 100 A.D., numerous Early Christian churches and basilicas were built on the island, including the massive Monastery of St. John that dominates the skyline above the capital city of Chora. Another of the island attractions is the Cave of the Apocalypse where it is said St. John lived while writing his revelations. The cave is now enclosed by large whitewashed sanctuary buildings, and tours led by monks take you into the actual cave.

While nude sunbathing in Greece is quite common on a number of beaches in the country, particularly on Crete and Mykonos, the strong religious tradition of Patmos means it is technically not allowed on this island. Nonetheless, Psili Ammos Beach (which means, "fine sand beach") has become popular with naturists despite the signs posted to prohibit it. This Patmos beach is set in a scenic cove on the southwest coast of the island. It's located about seven miles south of Chora and about ten miles south of Skala, the only port on the island where ferries dock.

It is down on the southern end of Psili Ammos Beach where the naturists gather. On the north end of the beach, there is a small taverna where you can enjoy dining on excellent local cuisine. There are no Psili Ammos hotels right at the beach, as the entire island is quite undeveloped and Psili Ammos Beach Patmos Greece is very isolated. However, it is a very small island, and most hotels provide the same approximate access. The closest hotel to the beach is the Golden Sun, a good three-star property located on the narrow strip of land that separates the north and south parts of the island. The largest number of hotels will be found in Skala and Chora, where you have a good choice of two- to four-star properties. The only five-star property on the island is the elegant Porto Scoutari on the water a little north of Skala and with its own full-service spa.

Psili Ammos Beach Patmos Greece is not the most accessible on the island, but the trek to get there is well worth it. The fine golden sand of the beach is backed by extensive sand dunes, and there are numerous fragrant tamarisk trees dotting the curving expanse and providing shade. Unless you have your own transportation in the form of a car or motor scooter, you must take the public bus to the little village of Diakofti and then walk for a good 30 minutes. Otherwise, you can hop on one of the small fishing boats that serve as water taxis and leave on a fairly regular basis from the port of Skala (this trip takes about 45 minutes). The donkey remains a prime form of transportation on this small and sparsely populated island. If you are up for a little adventure, you might be able to talk a local into guiding you to Psili Ammos Beach on donkey back. If you are enjoying sailing holidays in this region of the Dodecanese Islands, it is possible to stop for a little sunbathing in Greece in this idyllic spot; it is not unusual to see a yacht or two anchored offshore here.

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