Red Beach

When it comes to the beaches in Greece, there are many award-winning offerings, and the typical beach sand colors do not always apply in Greece. Red Beach Santorini is a perfect example of this, with its red-colored sands. Another red beach Greece destination on the Greek island of Crete is part nudist beach, part stunning natural landscape. Red Beach Santorini is an impressive place to escape the cares of the world, and the scenery might just have you thinking you've escaped the planet entirely. Red Beach Crete is a place where the sand is not exactly red, but where naturists will find a welcome retreat to bare all.

The Red Beach found on the Greek island of Santorini is a mesmerizing stretch of red sand that is set against a truly stunning backdrop of scaling red cliffs. As if Santorini weren't beautiful enough, with its volcanic landscape and picturesque caldera, Red Beach adds that little extra touch that helps to make the island one of the most desired tourist destinations in the Aegean Sea. The crystal-clear blue waters of the Aegean Sea uniquely contrast the stunning red-colored sands, all set against a prolific cliff background.

Located on the southern coast of Santorini in the area named Akrotiri, Red Beach is truly majestic and you would be hard-pressed to find a beach anywhere in the world that mixes such a color scheme. Often busy during the peak summer months, beachgoers to Red Beach Santorini may find it a bit crowded, especially due to the fact that the close proximity of the cliffs to the water leaves a fairly thin strip of beach. Some who visit Red Beach Santorini merely park the car and stand atop the cliffs for a view down, and while impressive enough, it is worth it to make the trek down to get the full experience. Red Beach Santorini can also be accessed by way of boat from the port of Akrotiri and the port at Fira. The sun can be very strong here, and the sand is not the most comfortable to sit on, thus many choose to bask under shade umbrellas and beach lounging chairs. Near Red Beach Santorini you will find taverns and eateries offering meals and snacks should you get hungry or need refreshments.

Red Beach Crete is primarily known for its affiliation as a nude beach. Predominantly, the nude section of the beach is kept at the northern side, however there is no strict rule against straying from this section without covering yourself. Red Beach doesn't necessarily exude the same stunning red colors of Red Beach Santorini, but is indeed picturesque and stunning in its own right. It is set against golden hills and cliffs, which provide a setting for some sparce, green vegetation. It is located near Matala, in southern Crete, and if you are willing to make the somewhat tricky hike down, sweeping sights of the beach and water set against the coast's cliffs will reward you along the way.

Most often during the busier summer months, you can rent shade umbrellas and beach lounging chairs, but at times there are no rentals and it's just you, your towel and whatever else you bring. Unlike Red Beach Santorini, you will not find food or drink sites close by, so plan accordingly if you think you'll need refreshments and snacks. Be forewarned that a Belgian man named Gerard, who apparently lives on the beach, can be a bit obnoxious if you should wander into the nudist section while clothed. But, do not think that you have to strip to enjoy Red Beach Crete, as there is ample tolerance for all.



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