Shopping in Greece

Shopping in Greece is among one of the many pleasures to be had during your vacation in Hellas. From crafts, to food and wine items, to the latest fashions from top designers, while shopping in Greece ,you will find any number of items to bring back with you when it’s time to go. Shopping in Athens Greece is akin to big city shopping in Paris and New York and if you are there in the winter, you can often find some great bargains. If you are visiting the islands, you will find a bunch of unique items that will serve to remind you of the wonderful time you had during your travels in Greece.

The first thing to do when planning to go shopping in Greece is get comfortable with the currency in Greece. Like many other countries in the European Union, the original Greece currency switched to the Euro a couple years back. No other currency is readily accepted in Greece, and the best place to change your dollars into euros is at a bank. You can also change your money at the airport, but ideally you will just change enough there to get you going. At the new Athens airport, you can change some of your money into Greece currency at several machines if you just need a little spare dough to grab a bite or something. The banks in Greece are typically open from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. The Great thing about the currency in Greece is that it is the same as the majority of other European nations, meaning once you’ve changed money, you can head to Italy or France without having to worry about it again and again.

Now, that you have changed your money and are ready to spend some euros, take advantage of the great shopping in Athens Greece. Two of the best neighborhoods to visit when shopping in Athens Greece are Plaka and Kolonaki. The Plaka market is open every day, and especially on Sundays, where thousands make way for the Monastariki flea market. You can find just about anything at this market, and it is a great place to go antique-hunting. If you are looking for rugs, scarfs or just about anything else, you ca n get some great deals here. One of the most famous shopping streets in all of the country can be found at Plaka. Ermou street is home to many local shops and international clothes makers. You can also find jewelry stores on Ermou and the selection of shoes along this strip might see you shipping a couple pairs home. Kolonaki is the other most popular shopping district in Athens. It is one of, if not the city’s most upscale neighborhood, and among its shops are the most haute couture fashion designers. If you really are looking to buy some jewelry, head to Kolonaki’s Voukourestiou Street. Shopping in Athens Greece caters to every budget and need. You will find a store somewhere in Athens that has what you are looking for, not to mention a lot of tourist shops.

For more big city shopping in Greece, you can always head to Thessaloniki, where the experience will be much akin to shopping in Athens. You will find a lot of designer stores for adults and teens here, and, like Athens, you will find shoe store upon shoe store in Thessaloniki. On Agias Sofias Street there are some really nice boutique shops and for a real jet-set atmosphere head to Timiski Street. You can find intricacies like religious paraphernalia and ceramics if you explore the streets of Chalkeo and Kissouras. Thessaloniki has arguably the best food market you are going to find when shopping in Greece. This wonderful display of olives, fresh fish, meat and other foods covers a couple city blocks and if you are hungry, it could well be a fun place to spend some currency in Greece. Although it is not exactly vogue anymore, some people still like to buy furs, and some of the best furs can be found shopping in Greece. Most of the finest come from Kastoria in the Macedonian region.

If you are heading off the mainland, you will find some interesting shopping opportunities among the islands. The island of Kos is known for its bathing sponges, and on Crete you will find anything from hand-woven rugs to olive oil soap. If you can, try to pick up a bottle of wine or a jar of honey from Crete. Santorini also has local wines with distinct flavors from the volcanic-rich soil found there. If you still haven’t satisfied your jewelry needs, you can always hit the shops on the upscale island of Mykonos. You can find a lot of good leather shops in Greece’s big cities, but also on the island of Rhodes. You’ll always remember your trip to Rhodes with a nice leather bag that you can use for years. You can also bring home some nice handmade lace items in Rhodes, which will accent your kitchen table. Many of the main-hub cities on the islands are rather cosmopolitan, and you will find a nice array of boutiques, fashion shops and other stores in places like Rhodes Town, Mykonos Town and Heraklion Crete. Santorini, like other islands, has some wonderful pottery shops and the artist population in Santorini has made for some interesting galleries to peruse.

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