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Planning on what to see and what to do in Greece can be a daunting task. That is because the country has so much to see and do that it would likely take you at least three separate vacations to even begin to exhaust the possibilities. When you get to Greece, it is highly likely that you will arrive in Athens. Athens is a city packed with attractions and all of them are vying for your attention. One of the best things about Athens, however, is that many of the suggested itineraries Athens destinations can be found close together. From the center of the city you are within reach of ancient ruins, world-class museums, exciting shopping and delicious places to eat. You may only have one day in Athens, or you may have the luxury of having more than a week there. Regardless of how much time you have there, the following recommendations encompass some of the attractions that could make the list for any Athens suggested itineraries.

1-3 Days

It is often said that all roads in Greece lead to Athens, and you could easily spend two weeks in Athens and still feel like you left something out. If you flew into Athens, or have just a few days there before you head out to another destination, there are a couple of “must-sees” that you won’t want to miss. The best place to begin any Athens itineraries is at the centrally located Syntagma Square. At Syntagma Square you will find the Parliament Building and it is fun to watch the changing of the guards there, especially at 11:00 a.m. on Sundays. From Syntagma Square you can head west towards the Plaka neighborhood. This is the city’s oldest neighborhood, and a favorite among both Athenians and tourists. There are many great restaurants in the Plaka, and you can peruse the Plaka flea market, or head for the expensive brands on Ermou Street. Just to the southwest of Syntagma Square, you will find the Acropolis. If there is one place you that has to go on your Athens suggested itineraries list, it is the Acropolis. Located near the Acropolis are the ancient agora, the Roman agora, the Odeon of Herodes Atticus and Areopagus Hill.

4-7 Days

Among the museums you will want to include in Athens itineraries are the Benaki Museum and the National Archaeological Museum. If you head just southwest of Syntagma Square, you will find the National Garden and further along you can visit the Temple of Olympian Zeus and Panathinaikon Stadium. Just northwest of Syntagma Square as you come to the Benaki Museum, you enter the neighborhood of Kolonaki. Kolonaki is one of the more upscale neighborhoods of the city, offering terrific restaurants and shops of world-class designers. Near the Benaki Museum, you could easily spend a couple of hours at the Museum of Cylcadic Art. All suggested itineraries Athens lists should also include a visit to Lykavittos Hill. Rising above Kolonaki, you can’t miss it. Take the funicular to the top of Lykavittos Hill, or walk up it if you so desire, for the best view of Athens. There is also a restaurant on top of the hill, making it the perfect spot for an evening meal. With so many transportation options in Athens, you might consider finding a Greece tour that takes you to some of the attractions outside Athens. Consider taking a boat tour to the islands of Aegina, Poros and Hydra as part of Athens itineraries. Or, head to the Peleponnese prefecture and stay a night or two in Pyrgos, from which you can access small coastal towns and the ruins at Olympia.

7 + Days

With more than 7 days, you have plenty of time to round out the suggested itineraries Athens locales that you might have otherwise missed. One of the great pleasures near Athens is a trip to the Cape of Sounion. Along the way, you will find a scenic route along the Aegean Sea that has a lot of beaches you could stop off at. With this amount of time as well, you could really mix and match your trips to various museums. Add the Acropolis museum to your list of Athens suggested itineraries and try to make time for the Stoa Attalos, (Ancient Agora Museum). But, there is also more to Greece than Athens, and you will likely get the itch to head to an island or two for a couple of days. There are cruises and ferries operating regularly out of Athens that service the islands, as well as a good number of flights. You could easily spend a few days on Santorini or Crete, or mix a couple of days between those islands and other islands like Mykonos and Rhodes and return to Athens. If you want to mix rockclimbing with sightseeing, consider a trip to Meteora in the Thessaly region. The mountain views and natural rock formations here are astounding, not to mention the Greek monasteries that sit perched on a series of rising mountain rocks.

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