Things To Do In Greece

A list of things to do in Greece while on vacation could get real long real quick. On both mainland Greece and throughout the islands, the countryside shifts from mountains and gorges, to valleys and miles of coastline. Throughout Greece, historical ruins lay claim to ancient civilizations and an array of churches and medieval edifices serve as reminders of those who came afterwards. Just trying to figure out which museums to visit in Greece could be a most difficult endeavor. Greece truly offers something for everyone. From nature lovers to museum buffs, beach bums to food connoisseurs, a Greece vacation is just the answer. On the surface Greece seems to have it all. Once you dig a little deeper, you realize that is really does. The following are some ideas for things to do in Greece.

Visit the Historic Sites in Athens

When considering things to do in Greece, it only seems natural to schedule an itinerary for Athens. Athens has some of the most famous attractions in Greece, from the Acropolis to the Parliament Building at Syntagma Square. The world class museums in Athens, like the National Archaeological Museum and the Benaki Museum, are more than worthy of a visit, and will give added insight and understanding into the many historic Greece attractions spread throughout the country. Wander around the ancient agora and visit the Kallimarmaron stadium to see where the ancient Panathenaic Games were held.

Soak Up Some Sun in the Greek Islands

This is easily among the top things to do in Greece. Especially in the summer, the beaches of Greece are at the top of the list of attractions in Greece. While you can find plenty of isolated and serene beaches on both the mainland and the islands, the summer nightlife found at many island beaches is among the best in all of Europe. On islands like Crete, Santorini and Mykonos, the beaches are the place to be in the summer. Scores of tourists and native Greeks head to the Greek islands beaches to enjoy the refreshing blue waters of the Aegean Sea and take in the evening sunsets. There are also many naturist beaches in the Greek islands, if you are looking for them.

Take in a Show during the Hellenic Festival

Every summer in Athens, the Hellenic Festival is in full swing, and it is among the most popular and significant events in Greece. The Hellenic Festival celebrates the performance arts and at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre, musical and dance performances by international and national artists are featured. The ancient theatre provides a stunning venue for such shows. There are also popular music concerts held during the festival atop Lykavittos Hill and theater performances at the Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus and the Little Theatre of Epidaurus. Where better to see a recreation of a Greek tragedy than in Athens?

Take a Bus and Guided Tour to Olympia

Among the many attractions in Greece, the ruins at Olympia are one of the most popular. From Athens, or the city of Pyrgos, you can arrange a guided tour to these ruins to get the full appreciation. Tourist attractions in Greece rarely get more historically significant than this. Olympia was the location for the ancient Olympic Games and here you will find the remnants of an old stadium and sprinting track, as well as the ruins of the once great Temple of Zeus. The Temple of Zeus once housed the great Statue of Zeus, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Visit the Soaring Rocks and Monasteries of Meteora

First of all, the landscape is amazing here. The rocks of Meteora are a conglomeration of natural rocks at the edge of the Pindus mountains that rise to form pinnacles in the sky. These rocks were a place of refuge for monks who built an amazing series of monasteries dating back to the 13th century. Of the original 24 monasteries, only 6 remain, and they are almost unbelievably perched among the rocks. The Church of the Metamorphisis is the most famous remaining monastery and offers a wonderful small museum. This area easily ranks among the best Greece attractions.

Take a Wine Tour on the Islands of Crete and Santorini

Greek wine is steadily gaining popularity, and as if these islands weren’t already among the top tourist attractions in Greece, you can add a wine tour on them to your list of things to do in Greece. On the island of Santorini, the volcanic-rich soil makes for some unique tasting wines. On Crete, wine production can be traced back in history to the Minoans, and visiting one of today’s wineries is a nice diversion in between enjoying the mountains and beaches of Crete.

Enjoy the Festivities of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival

This popular festival figures in among the things to do in Greece. It is the most important film festival in the Balkans region and likely only follows the Venice Film Festival of Italy and the Cannes Film Festival in France as Europe’s best film festival. World famous directors and actors come to celebrate emerging artists and international films while enjoying the other Greece attractions found in Thessaloniki. This festival is held every November.

Arrange an Eco-Tour

There are many, many options for tours in Greece, and with so many tourist attractions in Greece to choose from, those who particularly enjoy the outdoors can arrange to take an eco-tour. Greece is a beautiful country with dramatic landscapes featuring soaring mountains, picturesque gorges and stunning beaches. One of the best ways to take in the countryside is by getting out with an eco-tour to see it firsthand. Take a bike tour on the island of Crete, go rock climbing near Meteora, or schedule a jeep tour to some of the unknown, yet magnificently gorgeous back country areas.

Go Birdwatching

Greece has 11 wetland areas that are of international importance, not to mention over 190 important areas for birds. Among the top places to birdwatch are the Nestos Delta and Prespa Lakes. Nestos Delta is located in Thrace, and Prespa Lakes is found in Macedonia. Among the kinds of avian counterparts you can expect to encounter in Greece are eagles, storks, pelicans and herons. Although recent wildfires had a rather devastating effect on Greece’s Mt. Parnitha National Park, a recent bird count turning up turtle doves, peregrine falcons, magpies, red-rumped swallows and other species has done a lot to reassure many that the park’s wounds will eventually heal.



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