Vlihada Beach

On the Island of Santorini, the stunning vistas and relaxing beaches are mostly what attract visitors to this highly popular vacation destination. Set against the beauty of its landscape are scenic Santorini villages steeped in the cycladic architecture of whitewashed houses and picturesque churches with their blue domes. Santorini feels like a world away from reality, and it is small enough that you can really explore all it has to offer during a Santorini vacation. Santorini is famous for its volcano and its resulting caldera, for its photogenic appeal, and for its beaches and nightlife. But if you are looking to slow it down a bit and get away from most of the action, consider heading to the village of Vlihada, where you will find the very agreeable Vlihada beach.

Vlihada is a small, coastal village that can be found on the southern side of the island. It is known for its serenity, and offers a nice place to stop while on your Santorini vacation. Part of the charm in Vlihada rests in the seaside cafes and tavernas, where you can enjoy the laid back atmosphere and enjoy the Greek food inspired by products from the island. Santorini's volcanic-rich soil supports a number of local agricultural products that go into preparing many of the dishes you'll find here. The Santorini wines produced on the island exhibit a unique flavor and are exciting to try if you are a wine connoisseur looking for something different.

Before or after enjoying a seaside meal, you will likely head to Vlihada beach, which is one of the best Santorini beach offerings. Many of the most popular Santorini beach sites are found along the eastern and southern coasts of the islands, and Vlihada beach is no exception. Vlihada beach is a relaxing alternative to the busier beaches, like Perissa, and its black sand offers a perplexing experience. The dark sand takes a bit of time to get used to, and it is unique to see where the beach quickly meets the light pumice-stone cliffs. It's quite a thing to have cliffs to your back, black sand beneath your feet, and the blue waters of the Aegean Sea ahead of you. The dark sand does get relatively hot during the summer months, so be sure to bring a pair of flip-flops with you and make sure you have some sunblock on. The sun gets pretty hot here and you don't want to spend a couple of days on vacation with horrible sunburn.

Vlihada beach can be found along the route to other top Santorini beach locations. You can find some options for accommodations in Vlihada, and it makes a for a nice place to spend at least one night. For an excellent luxury hotel on Vlihada Beach, you'll want to check into the Notos Therme & Spa, which is featured on the Santorini hotels page. If you want to trade Vlihada in for more action, make your way to the nearby village of Perissa. Perissa gets more attention than Vlihada, mostly because it is more developed and has more in the way of accommodations and water sports possibilities. You'll also find a waterpark at Perissa, as well as diving schools and charters if you want to try some diving during your Santorini vacation.

You will also want to head to the nearby beaches named Red Beach and White Beach, found along the southern coast just west of Vlihada. The Red Beach is possibly the island's most famous beach, due to its red sand and cliffs, and like Vlihada beach it offers more serenity than some of the more developed sites. From Red Beach you can access the village of Akrotiri, where you can visit the Minoan ruins.

If you've been considering renting a car in Greece, Santorini is a good place to do it. With a number of villages and beaches to visit, renting a car gives you the mobility to get around with or without a schedule. You can also rent a motorbike for getting around, and it's fun to cruise along the coast and go wherever you want. The island is fairly small, making transportation easy, and if you haven't rented a car or motorbike, there are plenty of buses on the island. You'll also find a couple yachting companies based in Vlihada offering Greece cruises and yachting charters. The Santorini Sailing Center in Vlihada has different options for ships and routes, including the speedboat Heaven Can Wait, which you can charter for quick journeys to nearby islands like Mykonos.

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