Hungary is set apart by a fascinating melange of cultural influences, which gives the country a multifarious and colorful sense of identity. Not truly Slavic, yet not really Balkan either, Hungarians like to think of themselves as Western and unlike any other European nation. Hungarian history traces back to the times of the Magyars in the ninth century, the Mongols invasion in the thirteenth century, the Turks rule in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and lastly to Austria, the country with the last tight grip on Hungary and the last to impose their cultural, political, and economic designs. These days Hungary has more than caught up with modern times which is most evident in the sprawling capital of Budapest where many Hungarian vacations begin and end.

Travel to Hungary offers the opportunity to explore this European culture and heritage in further depth. And, while tourism in Hungary is popular because of the many diverse and exciting things to do within the country itself, there are also opportunities to explore neighboring countries like Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, and Ukraine. With Hungary between these countries, a unique opportunity to expand your travel base in a very affordable way presents itself. However you choose to do it, it might be helpful to note that most Hungary visitors arrive in and depart from Budapest, so there is a massive variety of accommodation to choose from in this city. Choose your base, grab a map, and start exploring. The Parliament, the Great Synagogue, and the Royal Palace are just the beginning when it comes to the attractions that await. From the city head to beautiful Lake Balaton and nearby Veszprem for a step away from urban and stride toward complete relaxation and natural beauty.

Vacation Packages To Hungary
Vacation Packages To Hungary

There are many areas considered major points of interest for tourists during Hungarian vacations. The orchards and vineyards are just a start. Famous Hungary wine is more than deserving of a sample here and there. The wine regions of Hungary present the perfect place to taste a unique variety of grapes harvested through age-old traditions of wine making. With plenty of beautiful resorts and inns throughout the countryside, it’s easy to slow the gait of city life and take it down a notch. More than ten national parks offer fantastic hiking and camping for outdoor adventurers who enjoy heart-pumping exercise paired with incredible backdrops.

A Hungary trip should never just be limited to Budapest, though for many that’s the extent of it. Roads branching out from Budapest lead north, south, west, and east to a number of vibrant cities and historic towns offering comprehensive glimpses at true Hungarian culture and tradition. Several urban centers offer extensive history on Hungary and blocks of beautiful architecture painting a picture of times long ago. Once a Roman stronghold, Esztergom was the very first capital of Hungary from the eleventh century through the fourteenth century. For the history buff, a Hungary trip is incomplete without a walk through Esztergom’s avenues where the Basilica, the Museum of the Stronghold of Esztergom, and the palace ruins illustrate a long and arduous past.

West of Esztergom lies Sopron, a major draw for tourism in Hungary. Medieval basilicas, narrow walkways, and broad courtyards sprinkled with venerable gables and ironwork make walking tours through Sopron a delight. East of Eszterom is Szentendre, another city ideal for exploring during a Hungary trip. Szentendre offers an airy Mediterranean atmosphere matched with a vibrant arts scene set right on the banks of the River Danube. Visiting is much like stepping back a few centuries into Hungarian history where the cobblestone streets and medieval buildings are superiorly preserved. If you’re not heading back to Budapest from Szentendre during your travel to Hungary, consider a visit to nearby Eger, a famous wine region where the Turkish occupancy seems ubiquitous. This marvelous Baroque town lies in the valley skirting the commanding Bukk Mountains and offers a chance to visit many historical sights and therapeutic thermal baths.

Cities like Pecs, Kecskemet, and Debrecen are also terrific locations to explore during Hungarian vacations. The vast number of things to do all over the country will please even the most discerning traveler. From skiing in the mountains to sunbathing on the beaches to metropolitan holidays, Hungary tourist attractions range from audacious to tranquil with everything else imaginable sandwiched in between. The sheer kindness of the people paired with the incredible beauty of distinct regions and varying climates make a Hungary trip well worth taking. The upbeat city vibes illustrate a modern and hip society living in harmony with ancient traditions and customs creating an irresistible fusion of old and new.

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