Hungarian Cruises

Festive Hungarian cruises are a great way to kick off or cap off your Hungarian vacation. Since the country is landlocked, Hungarian cruises are river rides on the beautiful blue Danube River. The river flows right through the heart of the Hungarian capital, making river cruises in Budapest a beautiful way to tour the city.

Danube River cruises in Hungary are offered by many companies, with a wide variety of options. Many companies offer Danube cruises that pass through several countries and could last a week or more. On these cruises you could pass through some of Austria, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, or Romania. Other companies offer a quicker tour that is focused a particular scenic stretch of the Danube. Danube River cruises in Hungary often stay in the vicinity of Budapest where the view of the city from the river is very scenic, or else travel to the beautiful Danube Bend. In many cases, Budapest cruises can be just a few hours, making them a very flexible attraction to add to your holiday.

River cruises in Budapest are a perfect way to take in the stunning architecture and sights of the Hungarian capital city. Of the many Budapest landmarks you can see from the Danube, some of the most notable are St. Stephan's Basilica, Fishermans Bastion, and the Parliament Building. Both day and night river cruises in Budapest are typically available. Daytime cruises often have the option of stopping for a walk around Margarett Island, which is an island in the middle of the Danube River with one of the city's major Hungarian beach complexes. By day you can see much of the city, but an evening cruise is a treat in its own way, since by night you will be able to see the city and its major buildings all beautifully lit up.

The choice of a night or day cruise is not the only decision to make when picking out a river cruise. You can also opt to include a lunch or dinner and drinks into your cruise. Also, some cruises will include live Hungarian music, a folklore program, dance performances and more. If you always to be learning on your travels, look for a cruise that provides headsets with an audio tour—some tour companies will provide these in many different languages.

Danube River Cruises in Hungary can also be booked for private events and are a great idea for a party or company event. Private Hungarian cruises can be extended for as long as you want, and include whatever kind of music or dining options you wish.

Whether you settle on a day or evening cruise, with dinner and entertainment or without, your glide down the Danube River is sure to be an unforgettable part of your Hungarian holiday.

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