Debrecen Hotels

Debrecen hotels offer both quality and variety, even though there are fewer in number than you might expect of Hungary’s second largest city. It’s not for lack of things to do and see, for there are many. It’s due to the relatively undiscovered nature of this wonderful region that has so much to offer. Tourism here on the eastern edge of the country is increasing. Every year sees more travelers taking their vacations in Debrecen, and there are increasingly more vacation packages including the city.

There are excellent Debrecen lodging options to choose from that will meet any budget and taste. You may not have the gold-plated opulence that’s available in some Budapest hotels, but you can find first-rate comfort with most of the amenities you’d expect at any fine international hotel. There are also a number of 3-star and 4-star hotels offering fine dining and excellent amenities.

Much of the accommodation in Debrecen includes wellness centers modeled on the many thermal spas in Hungary. In fact, Debrecen is a major Hungarian spa town where people come for medically supervised stays where they have the benefits of curative waters. You’ll find a number of the best vacation apartments in Hungary here catering to those staying for more extended time because of that. These apartments can be an excellent alternative to cheap hotels in Debrecen because they are self-catering with included kitchens and kitchenettes. They can be reserved both short- and long-term, and sometimes they have amenities (like restaurants) that you wouldn’t normally expect in apartments.

In addition to Debrecen hotels there are more and more resorts being developed, like Epona Riding Village, a 4-star property at nearby Hortobagy National Park. Here, rentals are by the week, giving visitors time to see the sights of Debrecen as well as enjoy this rich natural area, participate in riding programs from beginner to advanced, patronize the thermal spas, and soak up folk traditions, Hungarian history, and cuisine.

The Campus Hotel is an accommodation in Debrecen that is a 15-minute walk from the city center and a 5-minute walk to the Great Forest with its excellent dining and recreation venues, as well as the Aquaticum Medicinal and Bath Centre, one of the many thermal spas of Hungary. Rooms in one wing have private baths and fridges, and can utilize a shared kitchen for cooking. Rooms in the other wing include a studio kitchen. It calls itself a 3-star hotel, but can really be considered one of the many Hungary hostels because of its rather plain, college dormitory-type style and décor. Nonetheless, it is one of the most pleasant, clean, and safe hostels you will ever stay in, and it comes complete with campus security! It also has access to all the other facilities one would find on any college campus – from a bowling alley and fitness center to a bank branch and laundry room. There’s also a self-service restaurant, café, and bar. All in all, a good accommodation in Debrecen alternative to more traditional hotels.

In the deluxe Debrecen lodging range, there is the Divinus Hotel, located near the city center. Three restaurants provide fine international and Hungarian dining opportunities and the hotel offers all the amenities you might expect of a 5-star property. This is currently the best of the Debrecen hotels and the city’s only 5-star property. But look for more to come as more and more vacation packages include this city and its surrounding area.

There are a number of 3-star and 4-star properties to choose from, including the Best Western Kalvin, Hotel Platan, Hotel Aurum, and Civis Grand – all near the city center and Great Forest. There are three hotels in Debrecen that belong to the Hunguest group, with Aqua Sol (4-star) and Nagyerdo (3-star) the best. The modern Lycium Hotel, located in the Kölcsey Convention Center of the dynamic city, is an excellent choice for business travel, as well as families and vacationers. And don’t forget about the many apartments available, as these often offer surprisingly good Debrecen lodging and the best value for your vacations in Hungary. The Sport Hotel, in the heart of the Great Forest for instance, offers both apartments and hotel rooms at very reasonable prices.

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