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Celebrations in Hungary are lively events full of spirit and electric atmospheres. Hungarians are the kind of people who love to celebrate every chance they get, which means copious amounts of food, homemade spirits, bucketfuls of wine, and plenty of good, loud conversation! If you are attending a festival in Hungary, or any special events, make certain to show up with lots of energy. There are many special events in Hungary held on traditional holidays that are also celebrated around the world. These include Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day, All Saints Day, and many more, but there are some Hungary festivals and events that carry great significance specifically to the Hungarian people.

Hungary is known to call itself “Festival City,” illustrating just how important regular festivities are in Hungarian culture. Hungary’s cultural calender is most prominently marked by the Budapest Spring Festival, which kicks off annually in March. Exhibitions, conferences, and an array of international and local performances light up the city with energy and spirit, illustrating one of the best annual events in Hungary. With more than two hundred events and counting, the Budapest Spring Festival is alive with the sounds of chamber concerts, orchestras, and spectacular jazz music all around the city. Contemporary dance, film openings, and more create a sensational festival unlike any other in the country.

Another of the most exciting Hungary events showcasing scores of incredible music acts is the Sziget Festival, held in Budapest’s old shipyards. Literally manufacturing a small city within a greater one, Sziget Festival features fifteen stages throughout Óbudai Island and presents the best of international and local acts. An astonishing one thousand plus performances makes this festival one of the best things to do in Hungary in August. Ideal for people of all ages, Sziget is one of the Hungary festivals headlining many types of entertainment including children’s events, movie screenings, football games, and theater, with music being the main draw. As music resonates through the shipyards, the scene is dynamic and magnetic, drawing thousands of festival-goers to the area.

Hungary festivals in June also include the Danube Water Carnival in Budapest. The Danube, the longest river flowing through Europe, is the main source of water for the country and home to the oldest bridge connecting the Buda and the Pest. The Chain Bridge is a paramount stop on Budapest tours and is considered an important symbol for the Hungarian capital. For more than a decade the festival has been one of the most important of all Hungary events, illustrating an incredibly unique culture with many steadfast traditions. The carnival includes exhibitions, folk art presentations, a crafts fair, children’s events and, as usual, plenty of food and music. There are myriad beaches spotting the banks of the Danube, perfect for kicking back and enjoying the many age-old traditions happening along the river and taking in fantastic views of Buda Castle and the Parliament Building.

Though many of the most exciting events and festivals are held in the nation’s capital, there are plenty of events in Hungary to attend outside of Budapest. Three weeks of opera, chamber concerts, folklore events, open-air shopping markets, and many kid’s events are all available for visitors to enjoy during Sopron Festival Weeks. More than forty years of tradition is showcased throughout the beautiful, historic town in charming courtyards and stately squares with baroque and classical music reverberating between old buildings and walkways. Don’t miss the exhibition hall where international and regional artists display brilliant works.Truly enjoying all Hungarian vacations have to offer means relishing some of the smaller towns and cities across the country such as Szeged, Pecs, and Debrecen.

Smaller destinations can be as entertaining, if not more, than Hungary events in Budapest. Though many travelers start and stop in the capital, much of the best food, music, and local culture is experienced off the beaten path. In Veszprem, one thousand years of history is illuminated around the old castle walls during traditional holidays when lights create a vision of absolute beauty. In Esztergom, the ancient Basilica is the perfect backdrop for Hungary events revolving around summer theater. Tourists and locals alike soak up the beautiful summer weather along with plenty of comedies, historical acts, operas, and musicals. Often the more close knit the community in Hungary, the better the celebration. Be prepared to eat until you drop, dance until your head spins, and laugh until it hurts.

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