Fishermans Bastion

The castle-like Fishermans Bastion is one of the top attractions in Budapest. Located on the bank of the Danube River in the Castle Hill Budapest neighborhood, Fishermans Bastion (which in Hungarian is Halaszbastya) is a viewing terrace that was designed by Frigyes Schluek. Fishermans Bastion on Castle Hill Budapest is an ideal spot for a scenic view of the Danube River from the Buda side, and a great place to take a break from walking around the city and just relax and take in the Budapest cityscape.

The white-stoned construction was built between 1895 and 1902. Fishermans Bastion was constructed in a combination of the neo-Gothic and neo-Romanesque styles, meaning it has plenty of ramparts, parapets, stairways, and turrets, and appears almost like something out of a fairy tale. The structure has seven towers that symbolize the seven Magyar tribes that came to Hungary in 896. Also notable at the Fishermans Bastion, between it and the Matthias Church, is a large bronze statue of Stephen I of Hungary (the first king of Hungary) mounted on a horse and a pedestal designed by Hungarian sculptor and artist Alajos Stróbl.

Though Fishermans Bastion Budapest was built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the inspiration of its name is tied to a much earlier period in Budapest's history. The terrace takes its name from the fishermen's guild in the city in the Middle Ages. Back then, the city was encompassed by walls for defensive purposes, and the Fishermans guild was responsible for defending this stretch of it should any trouble from outsiders arise. The name is also tied to an old neighborhood fish market, which would have stood just behind the nearby Matthias Church in medieval times.

Fishermans Bastion in Budapest is well-known for its views of the city. The paths and steps lead to wonderfully scenic lookouts over Budapest. Gazing down from Fishermans Bastion, Budapest can be viewed almost in its entirety in a stunning panorama. It is certainly one of the best views to be had in the city. Visible from the terrace are Margaret Island in the middle of the Danube River, the Parliament building's domes and spires, the grand Vgrido Concert Hall and Academy of Sciences, the giant dome of St. Stephen’s Basilica, and a number of bridges (the Margaret, Erzsébet, and Szabadság) crossing the river. Both day and night present good but different views. A clear day is the best for picking out the most of the city's major buildings, but a night view of a cityscape is always a beautiful and romantic way to cap off an evening.

The Castle Hill Budapest area is a popular area for sightseeing, making it easy to incorporate a visit to Fishermans Bastion into your plans. With other popular attractions like the Matthias Church nearby, Fishermans Bastion Budapest is a must-see on a scenic tour of the city. Indeed, Fishermans Bastion Budapest is a frequent stop in city tours and certainly a popular view from the Budapest Danube river cruises.

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