Hiking In Hungary

Hiking and nature enthusiasts will not be disappointed with the opportunities for hiking in Hungary. The central European country has beautiful natural regions and many of them are just perfect for hiking, making hiking one of the popular things to do in Hungary. The country is varied in terrain, providing a chance to go hiking in Hungary no matter whether you prefer steep inclines or long flat stretches. The Great Plain's flat terrain dominates eastern and central Hungary, while hilly and mountainous terrain can be found in Hungary's northern regions.

Before you embark on the hiking trails in Hungary, it is wise to purchase hiking maps for your trek, especially if you are exploring on your own instead of taking one the hiking tours in Hungary. Special hiking maps are available that will describe the various trails in the area you wish to visit, and knowing basic information about your trails such as the length, incline, and level of difficulty can be a valuable investment, especially if you are going on a long hike. If you wish to follow well-marked hiking trails in Hungary, one of your best bets will be to visit the national parks, but long, marked trails across the country also exist for the more adventurous trekker to explore.

One of the popular options for hiking in Hungary is to explore the national parks. Easily accessible from Budapest, the Bugac Puszta and Bukk Hills national parks are popular. You can also hike through the Örseg National Park next to the Austrian border. There are a variety of trails available, well-marked trails and ideal for varying levels of difficulty. You can also hike in the beautiful forests, which can have an ideal climate and terrain for long walks. The Badaesony forest, Esztergom forest, and Visegrad forest are all popular with hikers.

Hikers who want to walk hilly terrain will enjoy the hills in the North of Hungary, including the Bükk, Mátra, and Zemplén hills. For the highest point in Hungary, head to Kékesteto, one of Hungary's best places for skiing in the winter months. Look-out towers on hilltops often afford amazing views of the area. From János Hill you can see Budapest, while from Barbakán you can look down upon the city of Pécs.

If you are an experienced hiker, Hungary trekking on your own will undoubtedly be a great adventure. If you're interested in Hungary trekking, consider hiking the National Blue Trail. This is the most significant hiking trail in Hungary, starting at the Irott-kö and winding through the Northern and Western hill ranges for over 620 miles to reach the town of Hollohaza. Along the way you'll pass the scenic Danube Bend and the Aggtelek Cave, among other interesting sights and towns. You will want to follow the trail marked by a horizontal blue stripe.

If you want a little guidance on your Hungary trekking, hiking tours in Hungary are offered by many companies. Hiking tours in Hungary are offered for all kinds of hikers, beginner to experienced, and in all parts of the country. Keep in mind that depending on where you hike, the kinds of accommodations available to you will vary. In some places, camping is a great solution, although camping is only permitted in Hungary in authorized areas.

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