Hungarian Holidays

With Hungary's rich cultural and historical offerings, Hungarian holidays are a popular choice for European vacations, and cheap holidays to Hungary are ideal for the budget traveler. Hungary offers a wealth of attractions to suit every visitor, such as interesting historical sites, varied architecture, rich music and cultural offerings, famous therapeutic thermal spas, and delectable wines. Located in the heart of central Europe, Hungary is an easily accessible destination, whether by plane, car, train, bus, or even via a scenic river cruise down the Danube. This variety of options is especially helpful for those planning cheap holidays to Hungary.

When planning your holidays to Hungary, you have many options when it comes to accommodations, destinations, attractions, and tours. Hungary is famous for its thermal spas and baths which rely on an abundance of natural springs, and Hungarian holidays just aren't complete without a visit to a spa or bath. There are over 50 spas, baths, and pools in Budapest alone, and you won't have any trouble finding one in the mid-sized towns in the countryside either. Hungary also has a wide array of musical offerings, which culminate in the widely-renowned Spring Festival, and you will have plenty of options for musical concerts in Budapest. You can also venture to other Hungarian cities. From Debrecen to Sopron and Kecskemet to Pecs, each town offers something different.

One of the most popular destinations for holidays to Hungary is Budapest. There are so many things to do in Budapest that many travelers limit their Hungarian holidays to that city alone. There are historical sites, churches, museums, thermal spas, parks, public pools, restaurants, cafes, and more. You can take a Danube River cruise, relax at a Budapest thermal spa, or take a guided Budapest tour at historical sites and museums. Guided tours—whether by bus, bike, or foot—are an especially great way to make the most of a short visit.

Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Hungary and in all of Central Europe, is another popular destination for holidays to Hungary. There you can indulge in an array of water sports and outdoors activities, from swimming, sunbathing, and fishing to hiking and wine-tasting. The town of Siofok has an active nightlife scene, and many younger travelers choose to find accommodations in Siofok, especially during the summer. While most Hungarian holidays coincide with the warm summer months, the winter months bring prime opportunities for skiing. Also near Lake Balaton is Lake Heviz, a famous natural thermal lake, where people have come for centuries to take a medicinal soak in the baths fed by the spring.

For those on a budget, cheap holidays to Hungary are certainly feasible. Keep an eye out for Hungary holiday packages that combine flight, accommodations, ground transportation, tours, and more. These are not only a stress-free way to book a trip, but also can be a good way to get the most bang for your buck. If you want to see other Central European countries, you can easily book at travel package that takes you to a variety of neighboring countries.

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