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Tourism is rapidly increasing in all of Eastern Europe, and there are many holiday flats in Hungary and Budapest apartments available for both short and long-term rentals. As tourism grows, real estate companies and small private property owners are beginning to see the economic advantages of renting fully self-catering units to visitors. With the growth of tourism comes transportation infrastructure improvements, and you will find more city and Budapest apartments further away from city centers and more Hungary apartments located in more far flung corners of the country.

There has always been this kind of rental available in areas with popular resorts and in university cities. Visitors to the former look to holiday flats in Hungary for vacations longer than just a few days. Siofok is located on the beaches of Lake Balaton and this region has been a popular resort since Victorian times. These days, it’s also a popular holiday spot for young people and families during school holidays. As a result, there have always been holiday flats in Hungary here, and they range from cheap student “crash pads” and reasonably-priced family apartments to upscale resort homes and condominiums. Other parts of the country, in particular places like Debrecen and Kecskemet on the Puszta, are also growing in popularity for longer stays as the recreational activities in the Great Hungarian Plain become more accessible. You can find holiday flats in Hungary in these areas as well.

In university cities, many students, professors, and their families look for Hungary apartments to rent for full school terms. Szeged in the south has the largest university in the country, and Veszprem in the western hills has a very important university. These two cities are also growing in touristic importance because of their historic attractions and the natural beauty of their surroundings. For this reason, there have always been Hungary apartments here.

The wide variety of apartments in Budapest Hungary for the traveler to choose from is as diverse as the many attractions and things to do that draw so many visitors to this world-class international city. There are also several universities in the city. Thus, Budapest apartments to suit all budgets, tastes, and needs are plentiful, and they range from luxurious to simple. Because public transportation is good, you can participate in Budapest tours of all sorts from the base of an apartment – even if it’s in the suburbs. Budapest is quite inexpensive compared to other European cities like London (considered one of the most expensive in the world), but prices do go up in peak seasons. Apartments in Budapest Hungary can be excellent and sensible alternatives to Budapest hotels as deluxe and 5-star properties become more common.

Holiday flats in Hungary are also great ways to get to know a particular area in depth. You’ll discover the best dining and shopping venues like the locals, and have the time to explore the hidden gems at major sites at attractions that most tourists never even know about. Extended stays, especially in large cities, are becoming more popular with tourists, and you will find that vacation packages are beginning to include Budapest apartments for more comprehensive explorations of this great city.

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