Hungary Hostels

Hostels, especially so-called youth hostels, have always epitomized the cheapest and safest place to unroll your sleeping bag when touring the world on a shoestring budget. Hungary hostels are no exception. But hostels in Hungary as well as hostels around the world have evolved some distance from the past. These days, they are rarely the drab dormitories with unreasonable curfews in unsavory parts of town that they once were. In Europe as well as in Hungary pensions are more likely to be what travelers think of when the word hostel comes up.

There are still many Hungary hostels including those catering to young people. They are located in big cities like Budapest, holiday resorts like Lake Balaton, and charming historic towns like Szentendre. And they generally are within easy access of things to do in the city or region.

Things in general are inexpensive in Hungary, as they are in most of the former Soviet bloc countries of Eastern Europe. This is true of good, safe motel-like hotels, and small family pensions in Hungary that are very affordable and the kind of property most travelers end up at.

Some inexpensive vacation packages include these Hungary pensions in their itineraries. In many cases, they are small enough that small groups and families can book the entire property for truly private vacations that come with many of the comforts and conveniences of home. Some of them are actually properties with exceptional historic or scenic features. The Fortuna is one of the Budapest hotels that fall in this category.

The Fortuna is actually a boat that once did river cruises and is moored right in the city on the scenic Danube that plays such an integral part in the history of the country. If you’re looking for Hungary pensions or hostels in Hungary you’re apt to end up with this unique property on your list. It has easy access to all of the city attractions and one of the most popular thermal spas for which the country is so renowned.

The Fortuna is both one of the Hungary hostels and one of the pensions in Hungary since it offers both kinds of accommodation. The pension section of the boat offers rooms with private bath and shower en suite. The hostel portion gives you the best of cheap accommodation in Budapest city center, with clean and comfortable basic rooms equipped with a washbasin, but sharing shower and toilet facilities. There are other Budapest properties that offer both cheap Hungary hostels and more upscale pensions in Hungary experience.

Don’t despair if you’re still looking for the kind of camaraderie that hostels represent, with their dormitories, communal living and rock-bottom prices. There still are many of these hostels in Hungary and while not as ubiquitous as they once were, you can find them. You might even find one located in a castle or in a historic farm like those located in the countryside around Debrecen and Kecskemet on the Great Hungarian Plain. It might call itself one of the Hungary pensions but it still will offer great value and unique ways to see the country.

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